2 Questions 2 Paragraphs Each- Class Human-Computer Interaction CIS375 Question 1: (One paragraph) Low-fidelity prototypes are mainly used to conduct rese

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Question 1: (One paragraph)

  • Low-fidelity prototypes are mainly used to conduct research on a  product and are not integrated into the final product, while high-fidelity prototypes may evolve into a final product. Compare and contrast the final product that evolves from a high-fidelity product and a product built from the ground up after studying and learning from a  low-fidelity prototype. Provide one example of each type of product to support your response.

Question 2:  (One paragraph)

Please respond to the following:

  • Manufacturers of smartphones design products to be interactive with consumers. To remain competitive, designers are focused on getting a  new product to market as quickly as possible. The user experience (UX)  plays an important role in product development. Imagine that you are a  manager for the product design department of a company. Suggest when it is appropriate to use Lean UX and when it is appropriate to use Agile  UX. Provide a rationale for your response.

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