3356 Your readings this session, focus on multiple theorists with differing views on personality. Skinner had little use of mentalistic concepts and believ

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Your readings this session, focus on multiple theorists with differing views on personality. Skinner had little use of mentalistic concepts and believed there should be a focus on “observables” in describing behavior and explaining motivation. On the other hand, Murray was comfortable possiting needs and presses as behavioral determinants. He also observed that these served as a cause of behavior and could be long term entities within an individual. Moving toward the trait approach which also views components of personality as stable, both Cattell and Eysenck used sophisticated statistical tools to identity both traits and facets. That is, they were interested in identifying categories of behavior and both accepted that genetics/biology plays a role in personality (Allen, 2016). In addition, Diener and Lucas (2014) provide an overview of the most modern trait model, Big Five, and explain trait facets with support the O_C_E_A_N super traits. Finally, Turkheimer (2014) gives you insight into twin studies which are used to determine genetic aspects of personality.

Your Task

1. Main Entry:  Start a new thread, and update the topic title, identifying the post as uniquely yours (e.g., Joes thoughts on …; Research gone wild…).  Within the body of your post, clearly identify each segment of the required response in order to facilitate discussion development.

a. Review the list of needs offered by Murray. Identify one psychogenic need that seems to be dominant in your personality? Describe how this need drives your behavior in a specific realm. Step back and answer the following question- could this behavior have been shaped by Skinner’s concepts of reward and punishment? Explain your position.

b.  Both Cattell and Eyesenck believed that genetics played a role in personality. What role did it play for each theorist? What objection has been raised around using “genetics” as an explanation for personality aspects such as “IQ”? How does the Turkheimer (2014) reading help you better understanding the role of twin studies in explaining personality?

c. Select any element of the readings that held importance for you. Explain its relevance.

2. Post Constructive Peer Feedback: In addition to posting your Main Entry, respond to at least TWO (2) of your classmates’ entries.  In four (4) or more sentences, provide constructive feedback.  Do you agree with the points presented?  Why?  Do you have some additional thoughts to share?  Share them.  When providing your feedback present the logic behind it.

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