Analytical Report Analytical report about replacing land-based electrical/fuel needs for corporate offices and some of the electrical needs of an aircraft

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Analytical report about replacing land-based electrical/fuel needs for corporate offices and some of the electrical needs of an aircraft with solar power.
I have posted a sample for the report in docs.
You have to refer to the proposal to know what to write on the report and I have posted that too.


To: Ipsha Aryal
President/Executive Director

From: Yugesh Laudari Bhat

Date: February 15, 2022

Subject: Proposal for Profitability of Solar Power

The common form of energy which is crude oil in the airplane industry is deteriorating over time. Airplane companies like ours are one of the largest consumers of crude oil that is available in the world. With Delta airline’ massive number of aircraft and several flights in a single day, our company uses about 3.4 billion gallons of fuel every year (Business Quant). In addition, “Delta’s carbon footprint is its largest environmental impact, with 98% of emissions coming from its aircraft” (Delta news hub). Given the huge amounts of this non-renewable natural resource that we are depleting, considering gradually transitioning to alternative sources of energy like solar energy for many aircraft functions will benefit the ecosystem as well as our company in terms of price.

Statement of Problem
With our ever-growing company and a growing number of aircraft and daily flights, we will have a significantly increased reliability on fuel in order to maintain aircraft bases, meaning harm to the resources of the earth, harm to the ecosystem and the atmosphere, as well as the higher cost to Delta. With these problems at hand, it is important to take action to convert to a more sustainable and cheaper source of energy.

Proposed Solution
The best solution for the transition to a more sustainable and non-depleting source of energy is the use of solar power. As compared to electric power, solar energy is easy to generate and use on a daily basis as it does not require a large number of manpower and time. Whereas other sources of energy require a long process to be usable. “The sun’s rays bathe our planet with vast amounts of energy – approximately 885 million terawatt-hours every year” (Airbus). While being easily available and clean, solar energy is able to produce the same amount of energy as kerosene which is constantly being depleted and leaving a negative impact on the environment with the emission of carbon monoxide. In this way, Delta’s high budget used in oil refineries today could be well managed in other sectors of development.

To assess the profitability of using solar power as an alternative power source for Delta Airlines, I plan to use five areas of inquiry:
1. What companies currently use solar, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of solar power?
2. How much and what kind of research has been conducted until today on using solar power for jet planes?
3. How expensive is it to replace land-based electrical needs for corporate offices and perhaps some of the electrical needs of an aircraft with solar power?
3. Will solar power solely be able to provide enough energy for the land-based electrical needs for corporate offices and some of the electrical needs of an aircraft to function the same or better?
4. What are the costs of harvesting solar power and transitioning most aircraft needs to use that?

Most of my data will be through secondary sources including publications and research on the use of solar power such as Airbus, a history of energy consumption and gas emission by Delta Airlines, and other information from websites and books about currently used solar power in the airline’s industry.

Transitioning of energy-depleting industries such as the airline’s industry into a more sustainable energy source is of crucial importance because of the constantly depleting condition of crude oil and the harm to the ecosystem by its use. By addressing the five areas of inquiry I stated above, I can determine the profitability of solar power for DART.

Tentative Bibliography

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“New campaign shines light on Delta’s carbon neutrality.” Delta News Hub,,of%20almost%203%20million%20cars.%20of%20fuel%20every%20year. Accessed February 15, 2022

“Solar flight.” Airbus, January 17, 2022, Accessed February 15, 2022

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