Assign responses should focus on the leadership issues that you observe in the case study and connect them to the reading you have done so in the course. U

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Assign responses should focus on the leadership issues that you observe in the case study and connect them to the reading you have done so in the course. Using APA page format,1.5ft, the report should be minimum two pages in length and should include: 

1. Problems/Issues Facing the Organization 

2. Possible Solutions 

3. Recommended Solution(s) 

4. Expected Outcome 3

Boldly Go: Character drives leadership Providence Healthcare.

Gabrielle Zephirin

Providence Healthcare, Toronto

Main Problems

· Global financial crisis.
· There is pressure in Ontario’s health care sector to do more with less.
· Deficit threatening and its pension plans at risk could cause staff layoffs and service cutbacks if the organization followed traditional financial pressures.

Solutions to Main Problems

Providence Healthcare’s tagline was helping people, healing lives. Its president and chief executive officer, Josie Walsh, first believed that the problems would be solved by healthcare having a value-based leader who aligned their values as a leader with the values and needs of the organization. Dynamic partnerships, compassionate care, trust, and high accountability were fundamental to promoting innovation and change in an organization. The personal character was one of the primary drivers of organizational success and leadership. Virtues such as humility enable the leader to grow and learn. Integrity develops trust and promotes collaboration. Collaboration encourages teamwork while justice creates decisions seen as reasonable and fair. Temperance aids leaders in taking balanced, reasonable risks and views. Accountability enables the leader to take ownership of their decisions, execute them and expect other people to also o the same. An empathetic and humane leader understands her juniors well. Courage causes leaders to make tough decisions, replace the status quo and take brave actions.
Improving the patient flow could aid in moving patients faster along with the health care system through the acute case to rehab that will decrease the number of expensive level of care (ALC) optional beds. The team at Providence healthcare saw a chance to create a new patient flow and care model that could meet the various needs of patients, donors, regulators, families, other partners, and professionals in the healthcare system. This patient flow was an effective and innovative model that other Ontario healthcare systems would want to use. Pilot testing the new design was essential to test and refine the model, measure its results, and proceed.
Collaborating with other relevant stakeholders enabled the hospital to create networks and establish allies who would share their input and expertise, actively engaging with stakeholders. This collaboration would help identify and support leaders at every leadership level and gain their engagement and support by successive waves of relentless and rapid change. Collaboration would also help shape the TbyD since there will be consultations with leaders of the acute care hospitals since their beginning. Still, it would also help obtain feedback from families and patients and suggestions from donors, the board, and partners. Redeveloping the rehabilitation inpatient units using Transformation by Design (TbyD) is another solution. TbyD was used as a tool to re-create each part of a patient’s journey of their medical care at Providence and Providence took full accountability for patients from when they arrived to when they left. Provide exceptional patient care that would be possible by establishing and applying tools and techniques used in manufacturing and business rather than in hospitals. The tools included quality improvements and lean methodologies such as 3P (Production, Preparation, Process), simulations, 6S, and rapid prototyping. The improvements will, in turn, lead to high quality, extraordinary patient care, productive partnership, and increased staff engagement.

Recommended Solution

Providence healthcare boasts a one hundred and fifty-eight-year history and strong values of responsive innovation and compassionate care. Providence is a leader in palliative care, rehabilitation, and community programs and provides outpatient and inpatient care to more than five thousand people yearly. As one of the largest rehabilitation hospitals in Ontario, the best-recommended solution would be to establish and apply tools and techniques of quality improvements and lean methodology. This establishment would ensure that patients receive high quality and exceptional care and increased staff management. In the current and future world, where there is much competition among healthcare facilities, patients are after quality and efficient care. The increased staff engagement would enable the patients to be uniquely handled by the hospital staff. The close interaction will lead to close monitoring of the patient, and any problem arising may be responded to as soon as it may appear or even before it does.

Outcome Expectation

I expect Providence healthcare to provide its services to an increased number of people, doing more with less, and its patients will obtain a high quality of its services. Patients with diverse medical problems will be treated with ease and with much expertise. This approach to curbing this issue will enable the hospital staff to focus on the patients better and sustain the high-quality standard of services they render. Consequently, there will be an increased patient turn up in Providence healthcare. Luckily, the hospital will quickly attend to the high number of people through its newly developed techniques and tools. When Providence Healthcare takes this initiative, it will be seen as a hospital directed towards fulfilling the needs of its patients by going above and beyond in offering exceptional quality services to them.

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