Business Project Management 385 I have provided the project details below. Attached file, Please make sure to go through it first well. The project is abo

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I have provided the project details below. Attached file, Please make sure to go through it first well.

The project is about the wedding. Everything is mention below.

Skeleton Draft: Make sure to go through the Skeleton Draft format. in google,e.

The two mention below are the :

Make sure to get this two:

6. Project Resource Management
·Resource breakdown.

7. Project Communications Management
·Communication Matrix.

If you have any question let me know.

A&Z Wedding: Scope of Work

A&Z Wedding
Scope of Work

Overview of the Project

The A&Z wedding plan will help reduce the stress and worry of wedding preparation while ensuring a memorable occasion. A project manager allows the soon-to-be bride and groom to attend on other aspects of the wedding, such as picking a wedding gown and wedding dance tunes, and so on. The project’s main purpose will be to plan a wedding that is beneficial to all parties involved (i.e., sponsors, stakeholders, clients, guests, and vendors and etc.). Impressing and pleasing the visitor will be crucial in this project since happy consumers will help spread the news about the new business. The level of success will be judged once the wedding is over. Moreover, when all the deliverables are finished on schedule and under budget. The project manager’s main purpose is to eliminate stress so that the bride and groom may enjoy their wedding day without having to worry about a variety of details.

Project Scope Description

The A&Z wedding project is sponsored and initiated by the bride and groom’s parents. They are the most significant financial stakeholders. The project manager will assist the couple in planning, executing, monitoring, and wrapping up their special day. They will be able to enjoy the celebrations without having to worry about the minutiae of finishing a project of this nature because of their decision to employ us as a project manager/wedding planner. This initiative was created to relieve the clients’ burden. There are various elements to consider when planning an event of this size. Instead of simply one, it requires performing research, evaluating expenses, and negotiating with third-party suppliers and organizations.

We offer a one-stop shop with a wide range of trusted suppliers, services, and organizations to choose from. Everything has been extensively scrutinized to give exceptional outcomes while putting on an event. From the beginning of the planning process until the bride walks down the aisle and leaves the celebration, as well as during the honeymoon, our wedding planner service will be with the customers.

The project will be carried over the course of six weeks, with a
budget and a guest list of no more than 200
individuals. During the wedding and reception, the budget is meant to guarantee that all guests are entirely happy. At that point, the project team will be given duties to guarantee that the venture’s outputs are as enticing as possible. All third-party vendors must provide their own employees, and there are two project managers. The project managers will be in charge of negotiating the best prices with all third-party providers while overseeing the whole wedding planning process.


The $100,000 budget will be spent on the following resources, but not exclusively:

· Wedding Planner

· Wedding Venue 

· Engagement Rings

· Cake 

· Photographer and director of photography

· Getting around (bride, groom, family and guests)

· Decorations-flowers

· Caterers of food

· Caterers of Liquor

· Wedding Stationery & Entertainment

· Wedding adornments (tables, chairs, linens, etc.)

· Audio/visual requirements

· Security Additional Personnel (include waiters)

· Valet parking is available.

· Cleaning crew 

· Insurance can protect you (possible damages and accidents)

· Items missing from the venue

· Reception for a Honeymoon


There will be a 6-week strategy in place to define, schedule, and carry out all of the required steps to assure the project’s success. Within the first two weeks after the project is accepted, a wedding checklist will be developed, and all items on the list will be accomplished. The following items will be included in the checklist, but not limited to:

Evaluate the wedding criteria as well as the available budget.

Examine the steps that must be completed as well as the associated costs.

Make phone calls, place service orders, make bookings, and gather items for the wedding.

· Distribute invitations

· The location has been chosen and reserved.

· Caterers are picked and reservations are made.

· Theme and colors for the wedding

· Wedding gown and bridesmaid gowns selected (sizes and fittings no later than week 4 on the timeline)

· Wedding cake

· Wedding rings

· Honeymoon

· Photograph and videographer

· Reception food

· Flowers 

· Music/band 

· Invitations 

· Ceremony (Church, reception venue, or offsite venue) 

· Groom and groomsmen attire 

· Reception 

· Hair and makeup 

· Bachelor/ bachelorette party 

· Wedding rehearsal dinner 


Weather control, traffic control, and running over budget are all things that are out of scope. Furthermore, the following items are not included in the proposed budget:

Groomsmen’s attire

Bridesmaid dresses

Accommodations for visitors

Transportation for visitors

Work Breakdown Structure


The checklist will contain, but not be limited to, the following items by week three after the project is approved:

· Theme of the Wedding

· The wedding gown and bridesmaid gowns were selected, measured, and fitted.

· Cake for weddings

· rings for weddings

· Reservations for a honeymoon

· Videographer and photographer

· Reception food

· Flowers

· Music/band

· Invitations

· a formal event (Church, reception venue, or offsite venue)

· Groomsmen’s and groom’s clothing

· Reception

Before the conclusion of week three, a backup plan will be put together. It’s always possible that something may go wrong (e.g., bad weather, caterer cancels or fails to show up), so having a backup, repair, and even problem-solving solution on hand is a good idea.

Reconfirmation of by week 3 and 4

The following is a list of confirmed invitees who will be present for the Caterer’s arrival and setup the photographer’s and videographer’s time

· Confirm the hairstylist and make-up artist.

· Confirmation of the design, décor, and setup time for the venue (both reception and ceremony)

· Confirmation of the band

5th and 6th weeks:

· Getting ready for the wedding

· Dinner rehearsal

· The wedding day

· Wedding Reception

· Closing of project


The project will begin on May 23, 2022.

The project will end on June 30, 2022.

Budget no more than $100,000.

Time limit: no more than 6 weeks

No more than 200 people will be expected to visit.

Total number of new staff

In the specified city, find a location and a venue.

A&Z’S Wedding

Analyze Budget


Wedding Attires


Choose Venue


Choose Carter



Decide Theme

Decide Menu

Flowers and Decorations

Bride & Groom & Men’s Suit

Wedding Rings

Hair & Make up

Choose Band

Bride & Groom’s Hotel

Guest Hotels

Party Transportation

Bride & Groom Transportation

Out of Towner’s Transportation

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