Career Project will send to you Assignment – Career Project (Research Paper) Directions: Choose 3 different careers related to health, fitness, sports a

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Assignment – Career Project (Research Paper)

Directions: Choose 3 different careers related to health, fitness, sports and/or therapy. Prepare a research paper describing three separate careers using the guidelines provided below. The paper should be a minimum of 1500 words long (not including the Title Page and Works Cited /References pages). You should have a minimum of 4 references/sources of no more than three years old. One of the resources can be your textbook. This project should be written on a college level with proper grammar. Remember to properly cite all information used from outside sources. After you have chosen your careers, find out the following subject matter information below for EACH career in your paper:

A. Job Description – What does a person do when working in this career?

B. Job Demand – Look at what job duties would be expected for someone pursuing this career, including the perks and possible downside of the job. Try to be as detailed as possible. If you were to pursue a job in each of these careers, would you have a hard time finding a place to get hired locally or would you have to move to a large city? There are some careers that are in very high demand, but there are others that are very specialized and are more difficult to get into.

C. Average Annual Income – look at the expected income in bigger cities as well as in smaller communities.

C. Required Education – Look at whether you would need to get a certification, a college degree, a graduate degree, or additional training in order to get hired for this position. Also, talk about any local universities that offer programs in these fields.

Additional Helpful Information:

Choosing a Topic:
Before you choose your careers, read pages 365-373 in the textbook.

You can choose from many careers in Health, Physical Education, and Recreation to write about, including: Exercise Physiology, Sports Medicine, Physical Education, Teacher, Coach, Bio-Mechanical Specialist, Exercise Science, Cardiac Rehabilitation Specialist, Physical Therapist, Athletic Trainer, Personal Trainer, Exercise Psychologist, Nutritionist, Exercise Specialist (For Special Populations), Fitness or Dance Instructor, Sports Media, Sports Management,
any other health, physical education or recreation related degree that you may be interested in pursuing. You can find more careers at this website link: 

Careers In Health/Sport/Fitness

Include in the Paper:
(Points toward your total grade in parenthesis)

~ A title page. (Worth 8 points)

~ An introduction (abstract) paragraph about the topic(s). (Worth 10 points)

~ The main body of your paper should talk about your topic(s) using the A – D subject matters provided in the main directions. A conclusion paragraph based on the information provided in the body of the paper. Grammar & Spelling should be on a college level. Use at least 1500 words long (not including the Title Page and Works Cited page). (Worth 60 points)

~ A References Page / Works Cited page. All facts used from the resources are cited correctly. (Worth 22 points)

Extra Help:

1. “Research Paper – Requirements” gives additional information on what I am looking for when you write this research paper. It is found below this assignment in the next Canvas module.

2. Search health journals, books, online sources, and schools and your local hospital that employ people who do the job(s) you are interested in. These resources could give you a better understanding about your topic(s). Flyers/brochures are great tools to distributed for additional take home information.

3. Interview someone who already has a career in your chosen field, they would be a great source. You can often find someone who has a job that you are interested in online. You can e-mail or call this person and ask questions about what they do.  A person you interview can count as one of your references as long as you include their name and contact information.  If you quote something from them, make sure it is written word for word and in quotation marks “…” with their name connected to the sentence.

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