Creatvity and decision making skills, reflection paper 500 words Please review all materials on creativity and decision-making to receive attendance credit

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Please review all materials on creativity and decision-making to receive attendance credit for the week. Please write a 500-word reflection paper that discusses your key learning and how you might apply this learning. No need for additional research. Also, cite if you use outside sources. I will review these papers for credit but not provide feedback. If papers are under 500 words, no credit will be given. Also, if papers are not submitted in Microsoft Word, a credit will not be given. There are no make-ups for the reflections paper that will count against your participation credit. Students can miss a total of 2 reflection papers and or live classes before points are taken off.

How to become more creative and make better decisions!

Dr. Craig Nathanson

Solving Problems Creatively

Creativity is an art and a science

Sometimes it takes a different perspective

Motion changes emotion

Sometimes it takes thinking about how you are going to think about it

Every decision is an opportunity to move forward

Solving Problems Creatively

The leaders job is inherently a problem-solving job

To be a leader of one’s self and others you must become a facilitator of the process of moving ideas and opportunities from here to there


“… going deeper has a very practical value. Artists produce their best and most creative work when they aren’t afraid to take risks, to endure criticism or embarrassment or even failure. To me, such risk-taking is the primary challenge not just for an artist, but for any truly creative executive.”

Michael Eisner, Chaiman & CEO of Disney from “Managing a Creative Organization,”1996


Involves the use of intuition, ingenuity, insight

Rather than narrowing down to “one best decision,” opening to create new possibilities, many alternatives

Outgrowth of training and experience

Creativity and Problem solving

The challenge

Present state

Desired state (Future)

If there is no difference between where you think you are and where you want to be; you have no challenge!

Thinking strategies

Our thinking creates problems that the same type of thinking will not solve (Einstein)

To Foster Creativity and solve challenges…(Dilts)

Think about the challenge in a different way then when it was created

Uncover and increase the solution space

Expand our perception of it

Find elements in the larger solution space that can solve it

Creativity cont.

Find limiting assumptions

Identify roadblocks

Identify/apply new resources

Use divergent thinking

Align to new goals and plans

The Walt Disney creative strategy

To Foster Creativity…

sponsor, mentor, champion new ideas and their generators

relax, empty mind, take time

learn to listen to, trust intuition

“play” with ideas, games

Ten steps to better creativity now!

1. Go outside more often

2. Move often

3.Draw pictures

4.Talk out loud

5.Reduce stress

6.Change your environment

7.Think from new perspectives

8.Use divergent thinking

9.Give yourself advice

10.Future pace

When you are deprived from play…

You get depressed!

Craig’s hanger and rusty can

How can your make your life more playful!

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