Dance Question Why is it important that “dance is a performing art.” Why is the “performance” part important? Utilizing the Elements of Dance vocabulary

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Why is it important that “dance is a performing art.” Why is the “performance” part important? Utilizing the Elements of Dance vocabulary from module 2 and the tools for understanding dance performance that we have explored in this module, watch the following video, write a brief description of the movement, and assess whether you think this is a successful dance performance. What is the dance seeking to communicate? What artistic and technical skills does the dancer demonstrate? As an audience member, what skills are you using to “read” this artwork?

Misty Copeland in Marcelo Gomes’ Despertartes 2012.

Create an original thread and write a minimum of 100 words. Respond to two classmates’ threads and write a minimum of 50 words in each response.

Classmate 1

The performance is one of the most important things because it tells a story, it has to be precise, and it has to connect with the audience. After watching Misty Copelands solo, I would call this a successful performance. I like that the dance and violinist seemed to have an introduction hiccup in the beginning. I felt like that lightened the mood. I left like Misty used the stage well in her set and kept up with the tempo of the music, she was flawless. She didn’t stay on one spot or stay to one particular side. She made sure to use everything whole which was great. 

classmate 2

Dance is one way of forming art. It is an activity that expresses many things whether that be emotion, storytelling, or a form of entertainment. It’s important that dance is performed because that’s how the art of dances is produced. In the video, Misty Copeland moves gracefully within her space. She travels through out the stage in various directions. Depending on how the violinist is playing Ms.Copeland speeds up or slows down to follow his tempo. I believe this was a successful dance performance. I feel as though she was trying to communicate the different technical skills used throughout the dance. Ms. Copeland’s efforts perform in a modern dance technique with classical music. As an audience member, I am identifying her use of space and time throughout her performance. 

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