Discussion Week 6 Question 1 And 2 ANSWER DISCUSSION QUESTION 1 AND 2 – ATTACHED DOCUMENT- MICROSOFT WORD FORMAT use video and articles for support to

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use video and articles for support to answer questions- 

 Dr. Frankie Kennedy [cc] – YouTube 

you can ONLY use the articles for your references and citations NO OUTSIDE sources are allowed. 

Topic 6 DQ 1


In a domain in which collaboration necessitates differences of opinions and unique, passionate perspectives, interactions between learners, faculty, and committee members must engender unequivocal respect for others. The doctoral dispositions outline the attitudes and behaviors GCU expects doctoral learners to embrace. Of particular importance is the ability to accept feedback from multiple individuals in a professional and courteous manner. For novice scholars and researchers, this process of receiving iterative rounds of advice and feedback from multiple reviewers can be very frustrating as it differs significantly from getting a grade on an assignment in a class. However, feedback is a natural part of the research process and is commonly used in processes across the research publication industry. What dispositions will you need to internalize to allow yourself to embrace feedback as a doctoral researcher? Explain.  

Topic 6 DQ 2

Feb 3-7, 2022- This response does not require research support

The worldview held by Grand Canyon University supports both academic and spiritual growth with the belief that the combination of the two will positively influence both scholarship and the individual. How might the worldview of an individual influence his or her role as a researcher? How can a worldview, Christian or otherwise, enrich research through a union of faith, ethics, and academics? How might a researcher manage perspectives, topics, and research that may challenge his or her worldview?

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