Diversity & Inclusion How does HR contribute to the organization’s diversity and inclusion strategy? You will analyze an organization’s strategy that leve

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 How does HR contribute to the organization’s diversity and inclusion strategy?  You will analyze an organization’s strategy that leverages diversity and inclusion to compete in the global economy. To do this, you will apply the knowledge you gained from this topic to identify diversity and inclusion efforts within the organization.  Use what you learn from your research to make recommendations for improvement. You should have at least three recommendations for improvement. 

Here’s the link to Company J’s parent company/corporate office for research purposes.

J&J Worldwide Services (jjwws.com)

Additional information for assignment questions below. Note that diversity isn’t even mentioned in their website, even in their code of ethics.

What diversity and inclusion efforts exist in the organization?

No specific programs exist for diversity and inclusion.

What are the demographics in the organization?

Not clear, but there are an estimated 3,200 employees in the U.S. and overseas locations. Some Company J demographics for employees that fall under the corporate office:

Gender: 87% male; 13% female

Race or Ethnicity: 53% Caucasian; 47% Asian

Age Range: 0% (Below 30); 13% (30 – 40); 13% (40 – 50); 40% (50 – 60); 34% (Over 60)

Level of Education: 87% bachelor’s degree or higher; 13% high school diploma

Disability: 0% disabled

Research the company web site. Is diversity presented? Do you find pictures of employees that represent a diverse workforce? Is there an EEO statement? Does the site describe the organization’s diversity efforts?

Diversity is not specifically mentioned, maybe implicitly. There are some photos of employees from diverse backgrounds. There is an EEO statement in their code of ethics, p. 8: Code-of-Ethics-Business-Conduct.pdf (jjwws.com). No diversity efforts are described.

Is the organization global? If so, what is HR doing to support expats and implement global best and next practices?

It is a global organization. In my experience, corporate HR only does basic functions to support expat employees, such as onboarding, resolving pay issues, setting up retirement plans, and issuing earnings and tax statements, nothing more.

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