Draft INTRODUCTION The purpose of this assignment is for students to reflect on the nature of public policy and its relationship with facts and values, p

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The purpose of this assignment is for students to reflect on the nature of public policy and its relationship with facts and values, policy analysis as a profession, and your role and identity as a policy analyst.


To complete this assignment: 

· You should have already read chapter 9 of Clemons and McBeth (2020), Wrapping Up and Letting You Show Off.

· Review all the materials included on the Activities and Resources page of the module for week 14.


This is the part of the assignment you should submit on Canvas. Complete the assignment task described below.

Assignment Task:

Answer the following questions in a short essay:

· The sophists of ancient Greece argued that, ultimately, the “truth is what we are persuaded of.” This conclusion, of course, is unsettling because we want public policy to be based on hard scientific facts—not just rhetorical persuasion. Some of the evidence presented in our textbook (cultural cognition, predispositions) provides some backing to the sophists’ ancient claim. Clemons and Mcbeth (2020) have argued that not all facts are equal and that the analyst while listening to all stories, must carefully sift through the evidence in the hopes of developing a fact base that will be supported by the stakeholders. Based on your experiences in completing the case studies throughout the semester, do you believe that there is a “truth” in policy making? Or, were the sophists right? Explain your reasoning. Provide two examples of hard scientific truths from the case of the policy problem i.e. (GUN VIOLENCE) you are analyzing for the final take-home exam.

· A central question that any public policy analysis student must answer is: What is the role of the policy analyst in a democracy? The answer to this, of course, depends on how one defines democracy. Based on your values, and the readings and case assignments, what do you think is the role of the expert analyst in a democratic government?

· Michael Mintrom in his Doing Ethical Policy Analysis piece presents 5 ethical principles for policy analysis: integrity, competence, responsibility, respect, concern (see this reading in the activities, resources, and assessment page of this week’s module). Read the descriptions of these principles provided by Mintrom and rank these principles in order of importance, according to your own beliefs. Explain your reasoning.


· The assignment should be submitted as an attachment. It should be written in Microsoft word, times new roman 12pt, double spaced. The text of the assignment should be no longer than 3 pages. This is a reflection essay. So, you are not required to conduct research. However, your arguments should be supported by examples from the readings we have explored during the semester, or from examples from the cases we have studied throughout the semester.

· There is no specific format required for this assignment. However, the assignment must be coherent and clear. Make sure to answer all the questions.

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