EDUC: 6960/ Capstone: Master’s Project See attached Week 8 Discussion This week, reflect back over this Capstone course and the work you have accomplished

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See attached

Week 8 Discussion

This week, reflect back over this Capstone course and the work you have accomplished. Share your reflections about your learning with your colleagues, and discuss how you will use this learning in the future.


Week 8 Assignment

This final Reflective Essay will provide you with an opportunity to review, synthesize, and evaluate your experiences throughout the MS in Higher Education program. Reflect on the most valuable concepts you learned from the program and how these will be useful in helping you address the persistent problems of higher education. Finally, relate your learning in the program to each of the MS in Higher Education program outcomes, listed below. How did your experiences in the program enable you to demonstrate achievement of each of these learning outcomes?

MS in Higher Education Program Outcomes

Students in the program will have the opportunity to:

1. Apply an understanding of higher education systems, business principles, and student learning in solving institutional problems to drive institutional and student success

2. Make effective decisions based on critical evaluation of research and data

3. Articulate the perspectives and interests of multiple stakeholders

4. Choose leadership approaches appropriate to the culture of the organization

5. Demonstrate an ability to deploy resources to achieve intended results

6. Evaluate the potential impact of policies and processes on student outcomes

Assignment length: 1–2 pages.

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