Education Assistant due in 24h apa 2 pages Reading Reactions 40 points (10 points per reaction) In this assignment, participants will rea

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due in 24h


2 pages

Reading Reactions

40 points

(10 points per reaction) 


In this assignment, participants will read The Skillful Teacher text and provide written responses to five (5) reflection questions. Participants will be assigned specific chapters to read and will be required to respond to one (1) essential question and will select four (4) additional questions to respond to from a menu of eight (8) total questions to choose from. This way students may respond to topics that are of particular interest to them and relevant for their area of focus. Responses will be shared through a discussion at the beginning of the next class session. Written responses should be between 250-300 words for each question response. The course text and experiences should be referenced in each Reading Reaction. The paper will include a reference using APA style. The body of the paper will also follow APA style for font, spacing and margins. 



Reading Reactions 

Possible Points 

Summary of the main points of the reading in (2 or 3 paragraphs). 

Reflection and Reaction to one or two points about the reading (3 or 4 paragraphs) which includes citations from the text. 

Connection: Describe how the text helps you to better understand the topic? What connection did you make to your professional setting? 

APA Format (Version 7) 

      Reading Reaction is turned in by 9:59 AM EST of the due date. 



10 points 


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