***For C. Owens Only*** see instructions paper and PPT needed Instructions below: PLEASE READ! Healthcare System Paper (Us Related) a. Research Healthcare

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***For C. Owens Only*** see instructions

paper and PPT needed Instructions below: PLEASE READ!
Healthcare System Paper (Us Related)
a. Research Healthcare Organization, Governance Model, Process and Outline (3-5
pages of content):
Provide the organization of the project, an overall introduction about the type of
healthcare organization along with a description of the typical governance model. Discuss
type of organization, location(s), what product or service they provide, and their vision,
mission, values. In addition, describe the governance model that the group will examine
and why it was chosen. Be sure to cite 5 or more sources including at least 3 academic
journal articles. (See the Grading Rubric in this syllabus.) .
b. Topic Opportunities and Threats (Challenges) (2-3 pages of content):
This part of the Group Project will examine both the internal and external issues related to
the governance models used in this type of organization.
This is often called the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats). You
will focus on Opportunities and Threats (Challenges)
c. Assessment and Recommendations (3-5 pages of content):
This assignment is two-fold. First provide a detailed assessment of the chosen governance
model based on the opportunities and challenges. Be sure to consider if the model is
working well or not. The second part of this deliverable is to make recommendations for
improving and/or sustaining the governance model in this type of organization.
d. Executive Summary Presentation:
Each group will present a summary of their research topic from the selection to
recommendations from the Group Consulting Project in a PowerPoint presentation at the
end of the course. The group will do a 30 minute overview of the project with
approximately 10 minutes of Q & A during the final session of the course. This is the
group’s vehicle for summarizing their findings with fellow classmates, and learning about
the processes they researched. Emphasis should be placed on the topic studied, model,
process, the distinctive aspects, and the recommendation section. Simply upload the
group’s presentation to the appropriate

g. Additional Considerations for the Group Research Project
Appropriate references: All sections of the group project must include library research,
and each group must use multiple sources as indicated in each section of the assignment
above. Most of these sources are to be published academic journal articles; others may be
organizational websites, government websites, or other reputable Internet sources and other

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