Help With Continuity Vs Discontinuity Powerpoint Instructions are attached PowerPoint Topic: Continuity vs Discontinuity Presentation Guidelines • Make s

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Instructions are attached

PowerPoint Topic: Continuity vs Discontinuity

Presentation Guidelines

• Make sure you have clicked the topic sign up tab and selected a topic

• Presentation should be

o 15 slides (not including Title slide and Reference slide)

o APA formatted

o NOT plagiarized

o Neat, organized, creative, and grammatically correct

o Use and 
 two outside sources (use the library database; message me if you aren’t sure how)

• If you are unsure what plagiarism is, ASK ME. You will get an automatic ZERO if you plagiarize on ANY assignment. 


About the presentation topics: 

There is a wide array of topics to choose from. There are a few ways you can go about some of them, but the main things I want you to focus on are these: 

• If it is a disorder, what are the most likely causes (developmentally speaking) and HOW is this relevant to child development specifically? When does it normally show up? Things like that. Just make sure to keep development in your mind. With disorders, it is easy to go into a synopsis of what the disorder entails and give mostly symptoms rather than relevant info to the class.

• If you have a debate (i.e., nature/nurture, early-later life experience issue, etc.) tell me how that relates to development. Who are some theorists that agree with each side and what are their reasons? What are some key components of the debate?

• For other topics (i.e., abuse, drugs, religion, racism/discrimination, etc.) how do these affect individual development at different points in life? For example, what are the developmental results of someone who is 3 experiencing abuse and someone who is 13 (remember, this is child psychology, so you don’t need to go all the way to adulthood)? What are the similar outcomes? Compare types of abuse and how it affects the individuals differently. Same goes for the other topics. Just find different ways to compare across the age spans (but again, remember this is child psych). 


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