Historical Context Using the Online Library; find two peer-reviewed journal articles on Weber’s Law or Mind-Body Dualism. In your synopsis, you will incl

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Using the Online Library; find two peer-reviewed journal articles on Weber’s Law or Mind-Body Dualism.   In your synopsis, you will include:

  • A summary of each of the journal articles
  • The main points discussed in each of the journal articles and how they relate to the week’s course and text readings
  • Your thoughts and perspectives regarding the concepts covered in each of the journal articles
  • Using APA format, cite sources appropriately throughout your assignment, and reference on a separate page.
  • no plagerism

Research Approaches.html

Research Approaches

Scientists have tried to understand the various components of perceptual processing using different methods that fall into two general categories: psychophysical and physiological. The methods are similar yet different.

The psychophysical approach tends to focus more on reported reactions to stimuli, and the physiological approach tends to more directly measure the nervous system and chemical responses.

We will first learn about the psychophysical approach, which is historically the older approach. Psychophysics was founded by Gustav Fechner in the 1800s. Fechner was interested in the experimental study of sensation and perception, and he eventually published an influential book, Elements of Psychophysics.

Psychophysics uses quantitative methods to determine the relationship between stimuli and perception. For example, a participant might be asked to decide whether two colors are the same, and he or she would be expected to answer with a yes or a no.

The psychophysical approach assesses what an individual perceives in different ways, such as by having the person describe, recognize, detect, determine the magnitude, or search.

Let us consider the methodology of the physiological approach. This approach uses technology to measure the physiological and chemical changes that occur within the nervous system, especially the brain. For example, a person is asked to listen to pieces composed by Bach and Mozart. While listening to the music, a brain scanner device (e.g., a functional magnetic resonance imaging [fMRI] device) can be used to determine which composer’s music causes greater limbic system activation.

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