Home Work HRMT624 – Term Team Assignment 1 Term Team Assignment: Linking Training to Performance Management – Creating the Performance Managem

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HRMT624 – Term Team Assignment


Term Team Assignment: Linking Training to Performance Management – Creating the Performance

Management Plan.

This Term Team Assignment has two parts. The first part is a written document. The second part is a

video showing the performance management process.

Part A: The written portion of the Term Team Assignment (100 Marks)

Training is important but keeping the level of competency that results from training is equally important

for organizations to achieve its strategy goals.

In this team assignment, the team will create a performance management plan from job description

through training to tracking growth and development.

The paper will include:

• A job posting for an entry level job for a company. Use one found on a job website such as

Indeed.com or Monster.ca

• Research the company and explore the cultural values, job position, and performance of

employees of the company in the similar position. The paper will document the outcome of this


• Develop an off-the-job training program that reflects the values of the company. The training

program will include a summary lesson plan, demonstrated SMART objectives that align to the

values of the position and the organization. The paper will include the relevant documents for

off-the-job training including the summary lesson plan with SMART objectives and evaluation


• Develop a mentoring/coaching program that supports the employee after off-the job training

for this position. The mentoring/coaching program needs to follow best practices for mentoring

and coaching. The paper will include the mentoring/coaching program. The

mentoring/coaching program needs to align to both the off-the-job training and on-the-job


• Develop a series of performance management criteria for this position that aligns to the

training, mentoring and coaching programs. The paper will include performance management

criteria based on the job posting. There needs to be an alignment of the criteria to the on-the-

job mentoring and off-the-job training.

• Develop the performance review process that follows best practice. The paper will include the

process, who is involved, the roles of the people involved, the setup and the expected outcome

of the performance review process.

• Create a possible report from the performance review process. Using the criteria, what kind of

outcome can result from the performance review? For each outcome in performance

management, provide an explanation and the next steps for either the company, the employee

or both.

• The word count should be no more than 3,500 words.

Part B: The video portion of the Term Team Assignment (50 marks)

In your team, you will role-play the performance review process as set out in the paper. The team will

decide who is/are giving the performance review and who is receiving the performance review. A video

will be created that demonstrate the performance review process using the performance management

HRMT624 – Term Team Assignment


criteria. All team members must participate. As this is performance management it is expected, within

reason, that the team members are visible in the video. The video will not be longer than 20 minutes.


1. If you have any questions or need clarification, please contact the Instructor during class or

posted office hours.

2. Turnitin is setup to allow you to test the similarity of your paper. You can test the paper once

every 24 hours before the due date and time.

Requirements of the paper:

1. The paper must be written in essay format. Use APA 7th edition format.

2. Must have an introduction and a conclusion. Ensure the introduction has all the key points for a

strong introduction. Please review this link for an example of a strong introduction.



3. Must have a conclusion. Ensure the conclusion follows this best practice. https://essay-


4. No abstract or Table of Contents required.

5. The paper will be marked on the rubrics shown below. Ensure your paper follows the grading


6. The paper does not have a minimum or maximum word count. The key is whether the paper

thoroughly answers the questions above. Precise and concise writing is recommended.

7. Turnitin score of less than 20% is required. Turnitin does not count quoted material, title page,

or reference page.

8. (Updated): A minimum 3 academic references via the UCW library and 4 non-academic

references (minimum total 7). Sites such as Panmore, UKEsssay, Scribble, Coursehero, Chegg,

and Wikipedia will not be allowed. Use of other student’s paper from any other instituation as a

reference will not be accepted. Links must be provided for all digitally accessed documents.

The links and reference information must access the page being referenced otherwise it will not

count as a site used.

9. A well written paper is one where the paper teaches the reader about the topic. Do not assume

that the reader understands your topic or will fill in the blanks of information.

HRMT624 – Term Team Assignment


Grading Form for the Paper

Topics Comments Max.

Subject Matter

Subject Matter (60%)

• Key elements of assignments are covered
• Content is comprehensive, accurate, persuasive
• Displays an understanding of relevant theory
• Major points supported by specific references
• Research is adequate/timely and citations are

academically valid.


Organization (10%) Organization (20%)

• The introduction provides a sufficient background
on the topic and previews major points

• Central theme/purpose is immediately clear
• Structure is clear, logical, and easy to follow with

proper headings
• Subsequent sections develop/support the central theme
• The conclusion follow logically from the body of the



Style/Mechanics (20%) Style/Mechanics

APA (5%)

• Title page is present and properly formatted – separate

• Reference page is present and properly formatted –

separate page
• Citations/reference page follow APA guidelines


Grammar/Punctuation/Spelling (10%)

• Grammar
• Spelling
• Punctuation


Readability/Style (5%)

• Sentences are complete, clear, and concise
• Sentences are well-constructed with consistently

strong, varied structure
• Transitions between

sentences/paragraphs/sections help maintain the
flow of thought

• Words used are precise and unambiguous
• The tone is appropriate to the audience,

content, and assignment


Grade on 100 Subtotal 100

HRMT624 – Term Team Assignment


Grading Form for the Video (Maximum 50 marks):


• The video demonstrates the best practices of giving a performance review. (15 marks)

• The video uses the performance review process set out in the paper. (20 marks)

• The video is within the time limit set out. (5 marks)

• The video is audible and in focus. The employer and employee is visible where possible. (5


• The video is creative (5 Marks)

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