HOMEWORK 3 homework Total 3-part need be done Homework part 1- 1-1.5 page answer (please check textbook or check ppt for more information to answe

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3 homework 

Total 3-part need be done

Homework part 1-

1-1.5 page answer (please check textbook or check ppt for more information to answer)

Below each Learning Objective you are to write your explanation, in your words. Your answers must be written in full college level sentences using proper structure, grammar, and no abbreviations. Your answers may not be quotes from the text or any other source. If so, you must cite them.

CH.7 Designing Interventions

1. Describe the interventions presented in the text.

2. Discuss how contingencies related to the change situation affect the design of effective organization development (OD) interventions.

3. Discuss how contingencies related to the target of change affect the design of effective OD interventions.

CH.8 Managing Change

1. Understand the five key elements of successful change management.

2. Explore the processes of change associated with each element.

CH.9 Evaluating and Institutionalizing Organization Development Interventions

1. Illustrate the research design and measurement issues associated with evaluating organization development (OD) interventions.

2. Explain the key elements in the process of institutionalizing OD interventions.

Homework part 2 (0.5-1-page answer)

Discuss the activities necessary for Sustaining Momentum when Managing Change

please check the pdf for reference. Thank you

Homework part 3 (one page answer)

Application Analysis:

Application 8.4- Transition Management in the HP – Compaq Acquisition – List and briefly describe each of the techniques used to reinforce change in this organization.

Article on next page, also, please check the pdf named CH8 for reference. Thank you

Each response must reflect the criteria and lessons in the text. Responses are not to be reflective of your personal view of the situation but, rather, criteria and lessons from the text applied accordingly. Use the terms from the text in your responses. In addition, show the number of the page from which you sourced your answer. Do not show ranges of pages. Just show the page number and not an APA citation. Failure to show the page number sourced to respond will earn zero points.

文本 描述已自动生成

文本 描述已自动生成

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