Homework See file HHP 4600 Module 2a PowerPoint Questions on Powers of State Government 1. Where are the constitutional roles of the state and federal go

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See file

HHP 4600

Module 2a PowerPoint Questions on Powers of State Government

1. Where are the constitutional roles of the state and federal governments described?

2. Explain the concept of “police powers.” In what amendment is it found?

3. Describe the 5th and 14th amendments. Which amendment limits the federal government? Which limits the state governments?

4. Was Jacobson v Massachusetts about state authority and individual privacy? What was the state’s compelling interest? What did the court decide?

5. List three specific activities regulated by the states that demonstrate the courts allow states to exercise Tenth Amendment power over individuals. Do courts allow broad authority of states to protect the health, safety, welfare, or morals of the public?

6. What three arguments defend compulsory helmet laws? Why do the courts allow states to regulate helmet wearing on motorcycles?

7. What are states allowed to do based on Buck vs. Bell? Has Buck vs. Bell been overruled?

8. How is guardianship applied to children and medical treatment? How is it applied to adults considered incompetent?

HHP 4600 Law and Public’s Health

Module 2b PowerPoint questions for Constitutional Discretion of State and Federal Governments to Limit Social Welfare Benefits

1. What two health programs were created in 1965?

2. What is the two-tier test? Explain in what situations it is applied and how it is applied.

3. What does the Hyde amendment prohibit? How is this not a violation of one’s right to an abortion?

4. Do U. S. citizens have a constitutional right to health care?

5. If a state now offering Medicaid decides to drop Medicaid from the services following due process, would that state be violating the constitutional rights of those receiving the services?

6. Does the current Supreme Court seem to believe the controversies surrounding matters like abortion funding and welfare should rest with the courts or be reflected for debate and resolution to the political arenas of the state legislatures and Congress?

Teitelbaum and Wilensky Chapter 4 and 5 Questions

T & W Chapter 4: Overview of the U.S. Healthcare System

1. How does the U.S. health care system compare to other countries in expenditures and outcomes?

2. What has been the trend in U.S. National health expenditures as a percentage of GDP since 1960? What country or countries spend more of their GDP for healthcare than the U.S?

3. How may have gained health care insurance coverage under the ACA since 2012? Does this mean the ACA was working as intended?

4. What was the projection of uninsured population for 2023 with the Affordable Care Act? (That projection has changed since the Trump Administration, after the text was written.)

5. What role does family planning services like Planned Parenthood have in health care delivery? Can Planned Parenthood perform abortions with federal tax dollars? What services do they provide and to whom?

6. What is the primary reason why some in the U.S. are not insured?

7. How did the Affordable Care Act change the age that insurance companies must allow for children to be on their parents’ policies?

8. Are undocumented immigrants eligible for public assistance to purchase health insurance under the Affordable Care Act of 2010?

9. How does having or not health insurance affect health status?

10. How does uncompensated care affect expenditures in other areas?

11. What is a deductible? What is a co-pay?

12. Briefly state what our health system is and what it is not.

13. Federal funds may be used for abortions in what three circumstances?

14. What role do safety net providers have in healthcare?

T & W Chapter 5 Health Institutions and Systems

1. What role do administrative agencies generally have in healthcare?

2. Explain how each of the following agencies can impact healthcare?

a. Department of Agriculture

b. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

c. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

3. What role do these private organizations have in healthcare?

a. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

b. American Red Cross

c. Kaiser Family Foundation

Updated 7/9/20

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