Imagine You Are A Historian Exploring One Of The Three Waves Of Feminism Discussed In This Week’s Resources. Discussion: Three Waves of Feminism Imagine yo

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Discussion: Three Waves of Feminism

Imagine you are a historian exploring one of the three waves of feminism discussed in this week’s resources.

Select one wave of feminism and identify an artifact associated with the goals of the movement.

Note: Please pick an artifact other than a ‘pussy hat’ as that has been provided as an example.

By Day 3

Post at least two paragraphs in which you respond to the following:

  • Describe the aims of your chosen wave and the time period during which it occurred.
  • Explain whether you believe your chosen wave made progress toward its goals.
  • Select an artifact connected to your chosen wave. You might choose an image, a letter, a photograph, a political cartoon, a poster, a song lyric, or a speech.
  • Explain how the artifact represents an idea associated with the wave you selected.
  • Post the artifact or a link to it on the discussion board.

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