IOT Internet of things | IT trend research report for Co-op training program Hi everyone, Please I need to support me in IT trend research report ..

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Hi everyone, 

Please I need to support me in IT trend research report .. 

I already have previous report for graduate student .. 

just I need from you add these information and add extra information with references ” at least 10 references ”  and also put some pictures.. 

I need it simple and clear .. 

The subject about IOT Internet of things ..

If you can do it and you have good price please contact me in chat.. thanks. 

| كلية الحوسبة والمعلوماتية

College of Computing and Informatics

IT Trends Research

Trainee Information

Student Name

Hassan Abdullah Al-Ibrahim

Student ID


Student CRN



Information Technology (IT Department)


· Student must fill all the fields in the above table


Literature Review

(You must cite at least 10 references in the literature review)

Methodology (or Applications)



At least 10 references

(must be in APA Style)

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