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Sri Rishika Reddy Pottapu 

Discussion week#9



How does offline storage impact data between application runs?

Offline storage is meant to support an app running longer on some devices. The idea is to provide offline support to the user for a better app experience (Haque et al., 2022). If the app is running online, one can pull some data on the device from the server for better performance. If the app is running offline, one may want to cache some data for offline access on the device. If the user wants to refresh the data, one can download it from the server. If the user has never opened the app, then the user may not have downloaded the data. Offline storage can be used in an application to cache or store data for offline use (Li et al., 2022). One can cache the data in the application memory or store it on the local storage. The application will only download the cached data from the app’s server if the app needs to display the cached data. The offline storage can be managed through the application manifest (Yarmolinsky et al., 2022).


Why is it essential to set up push channels and notifications?

Push notifications are a great way to keep users up to date with the latest news or offers on a mobile application. The use of notifications for marketing has become an increasing trend, and it can be very effective when done correctly (Haque et al., 2022). When a notification is triggered in response to a user action, the notification can be a very effective part of the interaction. The challenge, however, lies in knowing which users will find the notification relevant and relevant to their interests. Push messages provide an extra channel for notifications, and this means that, if done correctly, they can work as a powerful part of a marketing strategy. However, since they can come in various shapes and forms, they can be overwhelming if not dealt with correctly. Push notifications can be more effective and less frustrating for users (Yarmolinsky et al., 2022).


Identify parallels between iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 7 when UI and back-end development.

iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 7 have many similarities, including user interface, operating system, and programming interface. It is essential to distinguish which API is being used when working on the three platforms (Haque et al., 2022). Being able to identify the same API between platforms is very important. Knowing the differences is just as important, though, as knowing how they are the same. The operating systems are very different from one another. iOS uses a UNIX-based kernel for the operating system, including the user interface and essential APIs. Windows Phone 7 uses the same operating system kernel as Windows and includes a new API for developers (Li et al., 2022).


Sai Vasanth Nanduri 

Week 9 discussion



Offline storage and data persistence are essential in client-server applications (Joseph & Johny, 2022). When an application is not running, clients may still access data for which it has already acted. The most common use of offline storage is for saving time-critical data. In this situation, a client may decide to store critical information without acting (Ravichandiran, 2021). There are three main ways of storing time-critical data. The first is to save the data in a user’s local directory on the client machine. This information can be loaded from the local user directory when the application is run (Serwas & Davies, 2021). This is a straightforward method and is easily implemented. However, the local user directory is a security hazard for offline data, as an end-user could accidentally delete essential files.

Push notifications have always been an essential feature in day-to-day life. Push message content is a crucial element to determine the experience for both users and businesses. With the increase in the popularity of mobile apps, companies also are using them to communicate with their customers, allowing customers to receive push notifications at any time on their smartphones (Joseph & Johny, 2022). However, a push notification may not be effective in the event of a critical issue. In the previous example, if the push message is not sent and is not acted upon by the customer, the issue is left unaddressed. This could create a negative experience for the customer and lead to abandonment, which could lead to a loss of revenue for the company (Serwas & Davies, 2021). Some of the existing problems associated with push notification delivery may include the lack of data on the usage of push messaging services. Most existing tools for testing and reporting push messaging services are based on the number of push messages received and several push messages sent (Ravichandiran, 2021). Since there is no mechanism to track the actual usage of the service, it is hard to know the effect of the push messages on the users and businesses. Some examples of the existing tools for testing push messaging services may include, but are not limited to,

There is a big difference between Apple, Google, and Microsoft when it comes to smartphone platforms (Serwas & Davies, 2021). Sure, they all run a smartphone operating system, but how they approach that operating system, what features they include, and the interface they deliver are markedly different. It is all about choice, yet most companies seem to give up the freedom of choice to go cross-platform. The iPhone was one of the first mainstream smartphones to come with a full-fledged operating system of its own, while Android phones are based on a Linux-based open-source operating system (Ravichandiran, 2021). The Windows Phone 7 operating system can be based on the Windows kernel or Linux. The latest Windows Phone is the only current Windows operating system that does not run on Linux. In the Windows Phone 7 world, choosing a third-party mobile operating system is an option, yet it requires much work. It is also one that Microsoft is not all that excited about (Serwas & Davies, 2021). When it comes to the long-term success of Windows Phone 7, it wants as many users as possible to be running Microsoft’s mobile operating system. Also, Microsoft is aware that the Windows Phone 7 software does not run well on Android, iOS, or even its phones. Android phones are sold in droves, and the user base of iOS is getting bigger all the time. It does not want to lose any potential customers (Joseph & Johny, 2022).


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