media and society Media and Society For this session, you will view one of two films [ Spotlight (2015) or The Post (2017) ] about the processes that

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Media and Society

For this session, you will view one of two films [ 
Spotlight (2015)
The Post (2017)
] about the processes that go into the making of media, and write ## exploring the various issues raised in the 2-hour film. These are films based on coverage processes of real events.

You might find these movies on Netflix (I know they’re available on streaming platforms). A quick Google search will reveal other sources where you may be able to watch the film. The library has also obtained a DVD copy of the film.

Note: While there are no explicit scenes, Spotlight (2015), the first option, talks about the sexual molestation of children by priests and thus is rated R by the MPAA. (If, based on this, you prefer to do another film, I’m giving you the option of The Post (2017)). Considering the subject matter and salty language, you might want to think about where you watch it if your house has young kids around. For those of you who like to watch and examine feminist issues, The Post (2017) provides a lot more materials. 

Points to keep in mind:

1. I expect this analysis to be a long one. Think about Media Messages, think about media ownership, think about watching versus listening, reading versus watching; and also, about the theoretical approaches to which you have now been exposed, especially the idea of media ecologies that change over time. These are films produced about the process of producing media and creating maximum impact from the narrative.

Length: 1000-1500 words

2. Think about the time periods in which these films are set. Too often we sit in the present and judge the past, without understanding the overall contextual circumstances. Research the time periods within which the films are set.

3.  Points will be deducted for lack of writing structure. Structure your work into an essay, complete with paragraphs and punctuation; and proofread your work.

4. I have seen both films, so there is no need to include a summary.  I am looking for analyses, not summaries.

5.  Make specific references to the film in your response. Being super general and not including specific references to the film indicates a possibility that you have not viewed the film at all.

6. I expect you to use other reference materials in addition to viewing the film. You may consult reviews, papers, etc. Do not forget to correctly cite the materials you use. I expect to see at least

4-5 references. Wikipedia cannot be one of them. However, you may use some of the materials provided in this course so far.

7. Some questions that may guide your response could be:

a. Both films deal with sensitive topics that are covered in the print medium. Given what we have read and gone over in terms of other media in this class, think about how this story would or would not have worked in other media. Would the reporting be different? Does the media message change due to the medium used to broadcast it? Think of the response to this latter question based on listening, reading, and watching, as well as the best ways to reach a large audience.

b. One of the films deals with a period from the early days of the internet, and the other deals with a time before the internet. Would the coverage be different because of the internet?

I look forward to reading your responses.

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