Monthly Social Media Summary Tuberculosis/ Asia please attachment for instruction Social Media Summary I: Asia by Assigned Disease Topic (Tuberculosis/T

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Tuberculosis/ Asia 

 please attachment for instruction 

Social Media Summary I: Asia by Assigned Disease Topic (Tuberculosis/TB)

Project Implementer/ NGO: PSI; Family Health International FHI

Multi-Lateral: World Health Organization (WHO)

Bilateral Programs: United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Department for International Development (DfID UK government support) Foundations:

Monthly Social Media Tracking- 6 Slide Presentation -by Assigned Region (Asia) and Disease Burden

The goal of this assignment is to gain in-depth knowledge of one disease across different regions around the world.  Peer review through the assignment tab and posting via the discussion page facilitates student sharing around various diseases and approaches to address it. 

PowerPoint Parameters:

The student PowerPoint presentations should be a total of 6 slides, 5 dense content slides and one reference slide.

Slides should summarize the following: disease mortality and morbidity, programming to halt the disease, the political landscape, health technologies and potential for greater global threats in the future.

· Slides 1-2) the country and regional disease rates: morbidity and mortality due to the disease

· Slide 2-3) the realities of programming to address the disease burden: What programs are implemented? What are their impact?

· Slide 3) the political landscape and multiple perspectives regarding the disease burden: What do Ministers of Health, Politicians, Doctors think of the disease and the health system or country’s ability to address it ;

· Slide 4- 5) health technologies to reduce the disease burden; and, national and global level implications around that disease burden. (what will happen with the disease in the future?  Will it spread or increase morbidity and mortality in the next 5 years, in 10 years?  What is the potential for it to increase in more countries due to global travel? Is it a threat to national security in some countries?

· Slide 6) minimum 5 numbered references and links to original sources of information (credible sources often come from .gov or .edu or a scientific journal- should be no more than 5 years old)

Each slide should be filled with many graphics, quotes and facts (only one picture or quote per slide is insufficient). 


1) Search on Google to identify social media by your disease burden/ issue and the region of the month(Asia)

2) Report on treatment systems/ guidelines, technologies, programming, political landscape and national and global level implications of the disease burden issues

3) Check out the many websites hosted by key development stakeholders mentioned in lecture 2 on Fundamentals of Global Health: look at donor web pages, foundations, organizations posted on assignment discussion page and in lecture and course home page

4)  Be sure to provide a link to all materials in a reference slide to cite the source of your information

5) PPT slides should include lots of information, quotes and pictures- (not just one per slide!)

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