Organizing, Researching, And Illustrating 2 Organizing, Researching, And Illustrating Step One: Method Information gathering is an integral aspect o

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Organizing, Researching, And Illustrating

Step One: Method

Information gathering is an integral aspect of finding a solution to an issue. For this issue, information gathering will be conducted from the employees and clients. The information-gathering methods appropriate for this issue include surveys and interviews.


A survey is an information-gathering approach that involves the use of a questionnaire. The use of a questionnaire is an information-gathering approach based on individual or group experiences regarding the issue. Some employees or clients may want to share their experiences with an issue by hiding their identity in any organization. Surveys will be essential to engage such employees and clients because it will enable them to share their experiences about the problem without fear of revealing their identity.


When determining the impact of working for longer hours without compensation, delay in service delivery, and causes of mass turnover, the use of interviews would be appropriate. Interviews require extensive engagement with the clients and employees and are therefore highly relevant.

Step 2A: Surveys


1. What do you think prompted the organization to make its employees work for longer hours without compensation? This question would help to establish the origin of the problem.

2. Do you think the organization is adhering to the policies, procedures, and codes of ethics through what is happening now? This question will help understand the organizational policies safeguarding working relations and compensation philosophy.

3. How do the current changes affect your everyday life? This question will help determine the effect of the issue on employees.


1. Your desire to renew your contract with Roanoke has diminished for the first time. What might be the problem? This question will help determine the clients’ problems with the organization.

2. Why do you think many clients complain about the organization’s service delivery through their social media sites? This question will help to determine the reason behind the client’s massive complaints on the company’s social media sites.

3. Did the organization deliver its mandate within the agreed time when you signed the contract? This question will help determine whether the organization is delaying clients’ services or not, as reflected in social media posts.

Step 2B: Letter to CEO of Roanoke Brach

Phoenix Advertising


North Carolina

P.O.BOX 5562R436

February 18, 2022

Roanoke Branch


North Carolina

P.O.BOX 4236SR33

Dear Mr. Cross,

Following the recent changes and complaints that we have received from the clients and employees from Roanoke Branch, we have reported that the Vice President HRM Phoenix Advertising will be visiting the organization on February 26, 2022. Some of the reasons for the visit include meeting employees and clients to ascertain the complaints, determining a course of action to address the problems, and identifying the effect of the problem.

The following are some of the preparations that would need before the meeting. First, you will be required to avail the policies, procedures, and codes of ethics safeguarding employee compensation and client relations with the organization. You will also be required to prepare a report concerning the poor reviews posted by clients on the agency’s social media sites. In addition, you will be required to prepare a report on the current massive turnover associated with the agency. Finally, you will inform the employees and clients about the meeting that will be conducted in Roanoke Branch on February 26, 2022

Until then, I would like to thank you for your service and your commitment to serving the organization.

Yours faithfully,

Jane Smith

Jane Smith

The Vice President – Human Resource Management

Step 3: Organizing


There are various problems found with the management of the Roanoke branch from our interview report. First, it was evident that account executives and art directors are not engaging other graphic designers in altering and revising the work. Two, the management is not considerate of how they handle their employees. Third, clients complain about the quality of services and the agency’s time to offer assistance. Fourth, there is a lack of teamwork in the organization. Firth, the organization, is not compliant with the organization’s compensation philosophy.

Fact and causes

The major causes of the problems above include lack of effective communication, poor complaints to the compensation philosophy, codes of ethics, and OSHA regulations. Other causes include poor collaboration between the executive and contingent employees and lack of proper coordination between clients and the organization. The report also revealed a lack of adequate feedback response. These were evident when the management engaged in altering the work of graphic designers without their input, working for longer hours without compensation, accepting new clients without evaluating the effect of the new accounts on the current workload and massive turnover.

Impact and effect

The organization’s changes have made the organization experience a drop in revenue, lack of accomplishment at work among employees, poor reviews on social media posts, which have affected the agency’s reputation and increased employee turnover.


The solution to the problems identified here will include compliance to organizational procedures, creating an effective feedback system that would allow clients to air their complaints and get immediate response for their concerns, enhancing the organizational communication system that would enable it to collaborate and work with all its employees in all departments. Compliance with policies and procedures will help the organization understand and respect the rights of employees. Finally, the organization should recruit more employees to accommodate the number of clients to ensure timely and high-quality services.

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