Peer Review Please review the document attached and provide an analysis to each post. Each post needs 150 words (Individually 150 words) Review and Reply

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Please review the document attached and provide an analysis to each post. Each post needs 150 words (Individually 150 words)

Review and Reply

Sciri’s Post

A.Identify the vision and mission of the organization, and describe how technology is providing support for meeting the organization’s goals.

            Amazon will be mainly including the four missions in these goals. Which will include long-term thinking, passion in invention, focus on their competitors, commitment toward their operations. All of these four will be including the main aspects for the mission of the Amazon. So, the company will be taking some personalized recommendations on the shopping categories, prime video streaming. This all will be acting as the main missions for the Amazon company. If we come to the vision of the company, then we need to say that Amazon was one of the most centric companies in the world to get through the findings and discoveries that have been given by the thing which we can take in purchasing some things on the online (Pandit, Poojari, 2014).

B. What do you see as one weakness and one strength of how the company is using technology to support its goals?

         As now we can see Amazon being one of the topmost companies in the world. It will be having the role of an online retailer, with three different types of strategies where the company can be entrusted through the derivations that can be in primarily in the cause like leadership, focus and differentiation. This strategy will be giving the results for many of the companies in getting the gains of the particular system to where they can be focused.

         Whereas, when it comes to weakness the Amazon company has been little imitable in the business type model, this will be also having the markets in limited penetration which are developed, the presence of mortar and brick is also not present in this Amazon company (Javalgi et al., 2004).

C. What are two suggested strategies you would propose to enhance the company’s structure so it is more responsive?

         Amazon will be having in the strategies like company which are consisted in focusing on the main types such as like having some of the enhanced type of the logistics applications, improving their web services and will also need to get the fulfilment in the capacity on the strategy of not having the customers deal in the strategies like this.

Amazon will also get the chance of not having the strategy such as not having the customers in their repeated mode will cause them some of the loss to their organisation. The logistics like this will be getting in the way of experimenting with them to not have the patents like everyone will be taking through the history of patents like through the company itself (Sadq et al., 2018).


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Harris Johnson’s Post

Vision and mission of Walmart Company


The vision of the company Walmart is to be the destination for the customers to save money. The company also aims to save the customers’ money irrespective of the purchases made by the customers (Garcia & Red, 2020).


The mission of the Company Walmart is to enable the customers to save money by spending less money to purchase goods so that the living conditions of the people are improved (Garcia & Red, 2020).

Role of technology in the attainment of the organizational goals

The role of technology for the attainment of organizational goals in the Company Walmart are as follows-

1. Helps the customers to purchase goods from home

The Company Walmart uses an E-commerce platform for the convenience of the customers to facilitate the purchase of goods from home (Pandey et al., 2021). Furthermore, the Company also helps the customers book the goods through online platforms before arriving at the shop to make purchases. The quick shipping facility of the company also serves as an added advantage.

2. Encourages the usage of renewable energy resources

Walmart uses renewable energy resources like wind energy, solar energy to reduce harmful emissions and preserve the environment. The company Walmart also discourages the use of hazardous refrigerants that damage natural ecosystems and contributes to the improvement of human lives (Garcia & Red, 2020).

The strength of the company is using technology to attain its goals.

Walmart has expanded its customer base and has also improved customer service by implementing e-commerce platforms (Pandey et al., 2021). In addition, the Company has also started using renewable energy resources, which helps the company adhere to the government’s environment protection regulations and prevent the possibility of protests and penalties.

The weakness of the company is using technology to attain the goals

The Company Walmart aims to provide goods at a lower price to the customers, leading to lower profitability of the Company. In addition, the implementation of advanced technologies requires a huge capital which becomes a burden for the company and negatively influences the stability in the long run.

Strategies suggested in making the company’s structure responsive

The Company Walmart must give utmost importance to the safety and well-being of the employees. With the improvement in the wages, safety, and well-being of the organisation’s employees, Walmart could improve the performance effectiveness of the employees, thereby increasing the responsiveness of the company’s structure (Pandey et al., 2021). In addition, the well-being of the employees would be reflected through proper customer service and efficiency in various operations, which would improve the responsiveness of the company to a large extent.




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