Policy Making And Community Health Advocacy Click and read the Case Study below and post answers. Chapter 13 – Case Study Answers mus

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  1. Click and read the Case Study below and post answers.
  2. Answers must:
    • Be 300 words or more
    • Use the stand English grammar and spelling
    • References are cited (APA)

NUR4636 – Community Health Nursing

Case Study

Chapter 13

Policy Making and Community Health Advocacy

It is very important that community health nurses provide not only input to policy

circles through advocacy but also leadership at decision-making tables. The

community health nurse is reviewing an online in-service program on the

importance of this role in providing an essential influence and unique perspective in

health care.

1. Seasoned advocates have developed skills in influencing policy decisions.

Some individuals use the “ten commandments of lobbying.” What are the

basic ideas that are inherent to advocates?

2. The community health nurse needs to know something about the forces

shaping health policy and the policy process in order to be in a better

position to influence policy outcomes. What are the three components of

Kingdon’s framework for policy analysis?

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