Population Health Management Dashboard POPULATION –> TALLAHASSEE FLORIDA Scenario You have assessed your local population health needs and identified d

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You have assessed your local population health needs and identified data sources and data sets that are needed to help providers make immediate gains in patient outcomes. Your health systems Board of Directors is requesting that you develop a high-level population health management program dashboard.

For this assessment, you need to assess local population health needs and identify data sources and data sets that are needed to help providers make immediate gains in patient outcomes. It is a major undertaking to plan, design, and implement a robust PHM. Therefore, your health systems Board of Directors is requesting that you develop 1-2 page high-level population health management program dashboard. In this dashboard, list the health needs based on the community needs assessment and the critical data sources and data sets needed for the population health management program your health system is planning to launch.


Using the information from the modules 01, 02, and 03 summative assessments, construct a dashboard that lists the health needs based on the community needs assessment that was performed and the critical data sources and data sets needed for the population health management program your health system is planning to launch.




Data Sources and Sets for Population Health Management

Whitney Gibson

January 25, 2022

Rasmussen University

HSA5300CBE Population Health

Data Sources and Sets for Population Health Management

Efficient population health organization schemes need healthcare specialists to depend on major information derived from health Information Technology schemes from federal and state database sets that are also present for specialists. It is crucial to choose the right big data sources for supporting population health management initiatives. The report aims to develop a broad portrait of social, financial, and clinical risks, crucially aggregating data from the care continuum earlier for leveraging risk scoring models and interventions to people.

Big Data Sources and Health Management Program

As a leader of the PHM program, the main focus is on particular population health medical critical for the local population, such as diabetes management. Hospital records, medical evaluation, devices, medical records of patients, biomedical research, clinical trials data, telemedicine, and personnel management in Florida are the best big data sources. Personal ideas have the right to access the records, and healthcare plans can send records to other health plan providers with the need for treatment or consent (Cantor & Thorpe, 2018). Medical records of patients comprise documentation of the history of patients, operation notes, operative care, and diagnostic tests with regular notes of patients’ medications. Electronic healthcare records collect digital documentation of patients related to laboratory tests, allergies, and medical history. Records are also shared through protective information systems for private and public-sector specialists. In Florida, the health management program plays an effective role in developing healthcare practices. Demand for qualified directors and managers also focus on regular operations, social strategy, and critical problems with growing days. Florida, health management program sustains customer health documentation in electronic and paper form following applied regulations, rules, and laws. The development of innovative policies to handle and manage big data sources might exceed by utilizing computing and high solutions for big data analysis and equipment with proper infrastructure to examine and produce data. The physicians can examine patients for decreasing insignificant visits to hospices while evading expensive in-house treatments (Raghupathi Raghupathi, 2018). Therefore, patients’ experience would bring improvement in satisfaction level and a reduction in operational prices.

Data Elements

Numerous data elements are required to aid providers in making effective gains in patient well-being while delivering top practices for upcoming initiatives. Healthcare quality can improve by supporting visionary leadership, availability of capitals, training and education, and appropriate planning for efficient management of capitals. Healthcare distribution schemes are operating to bring improvement in patients’ experience while facing issues and deliberating the requirements for aligning the modifications in practices and behaviors across numerous areas and levels of the healthcare organization. It is important to deliver data while developing data and complicated innovation (Schmidt et al., 2019). Gathering, cleaning, processing, organizing, and examining a huge amount of data is an issue. A huge amount of data can be created, consumed, and replicated each year so that digital universes can store and gather big data with a huge influence on the transmission of international healthcare departments and influence on regular lives. It might also decrease medical errors, prediction of treatment risk, and precise treatment. It delivers doctors insights that were not present earlier and permits them to comprehend effectively and focus on changes and challenges extracted from them (Phillips et al., 2018). It can be implied in every stage, from medical investigation to the outcome and experience of patients. Application of big data solution needs can include a clear idea for the goals and requirements.


Learning to utilize available data like ADT alerts, ICD-10 codes, and demographics can be a crucial step for examining the integration of varied and complicated big data into a population health organization environment. Stakeholders in healthcare aim to create personalized preventive care and severe disease management initiatives that must work with their peers, health IT sellers, and partners to access and examine big data that can improve the distribution of patient care quality. Healthcare analytic permit for bringing improvement to care of the patient by the precise diagnosis and informed decisions. Big data can aid in recognizing the intervention of high-cost and patients at higher risk. Efficient methods of organizing data can facilitate precise medicine by detecting patients’ responses to treatments and particular requirements of people.


It is concluded that healthcare specialists have an approach to updated patient health information and deliver more effective, personalized, safer, and higher-quality as well as coordination. Patients also look into attaining health data insights into how health evolves with time.


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