Pre-Interview Questions I Have pre-interview questions that need to be at least a paragraph two paragraphs for response for each Questionn help Date sent:

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I Have pre-interview questions that need to be at least a paragraph two paragraphs for response  for each Questionn help

Date sent:
WinCo Foods
Date due:

Assistant Buyer

Additional Questions

Completed responses are due. Late responses will not be considered. Please return to:

Responses are evaluated on the quality of the response, the thoroughness of your answer, your ability to clearly communicate your thoughts, punctuation, spelling and grammar. All questions are to be completed. In responding to the questions, you may use as much space as you like (i.e. you do not need to try to fit your answers in the space provided). Please do not delete the question itself below.

*NOTE: If you do not have specific buying or procurement experience, you may use store replenishment experience OR any other relevant experience as the foundation for your response(s).


1. Your name: Chad Smith- Wilson

2. List your last 2 positions and describe your likes and dislikes of each.

3. How do you stay up to date in the field?

When it comes to staying up to date with anything how I learn best is very hands on. With me being a very hands-on learner, it gives me the experience to make decisions based on my how well I can learn something. It also gives me experience to learn from my mistakes

4. Approximately how many e-mails and/or phone calls do you receive each day?

On average I receive up to 15 to at least 20 phone calls per day.

5. Describe your perfect work environment?

6. How do you stay motivated? Are you willing to work overtime?

Being motivated is always about having a positive mind and a positive attitude, with having a positive attitude on motivating yourself you bring in good energy to your work environment and to your coworkers. Yes, I would be willing to work overtime to complete my work.

7. Give an example of a time that accuracy was extremely important in your work?

When the holidays are approaching, we have new shipments in that comes with items that we would need to set up for display. We have a certain amount of time frame to set the items out before the holidays. At my store we pride ourselves on trying to complete all new resets in a timely manner,

8. How would you handle a conflict that impacts multiple departments which could end with a disgruntled coworker?

When it comes to trying to solve a conflict it’s best to find out what started the conflict. After when you find out what the problem is you want to first address each side of the problem. After you find out what started the problem you wanna see if you can create a solution that can solve

9. What is your understanding of the CPG industry and more specifically grocery retail?

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