Psychology attached Module 6 Project: Improving “Little Albert” Overview Watch the following videos about Watson’s “Little Albert” experiment: log in is

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Module 6 Project: Improving “Little Albert”


Watch the following videos about Watson’s “Little Albert” experiment: log in is S01613748

Into the Mind: Emotions


Films on Demand. (2011). Into the mind: Emotions [Video file]. BBC Worldwide Learning (original copyright 2010).

Thinking Critically About the “Little Albert” Study


Films on Demand. (2011). Thinking critically about the “Little Albert” study . BBC Worldwide Learning (original copyright 2010).

Worldwide Learning (original copyright 2010).

This experiment would not live up to ethical standards in the field today. For this assignment, you will be creating a project that illustrates your original ideas about the following: Considering the principles identified in the code of conduct for psychologist by the American Psychological Association – htts:// How might Watson and Rayner, who conducted the famous “Little Albert” study, have designed a more ethical study of conditioned emotional responses (CERs)?

Be sure to include the following required elements in your submission:

1. Your project illustrated all of the concepts listed above.

2. A written summary of at least 200 words clarifying the visual representation you’ve created (in .doc or .rtf format).

3. APA formatted reference information and in-text citations (provided within the summary and/or graphic representation as appropriate) for at least one resource in addition to the textbook.


Infographic project: Provide a visual representation of your understanding of the concept in the form of an infographic (a visual image that represents data or information) using one of the below recommended tools, or something similar approved by your instructor.

· Piktochart

· Infogram

· Canva

· Microsoft Word (or equivalent)

· Microsoft PowerPoint (or equivalent)

Infographic submissions must be in the format of a .pdf, .png, .jpeg, .doc, or .docx. The recommended tools allow at least one of these options for the finished project. If you choose to use a different tool, please be sure that the finished project is submitted in one of the approved formats. The 4 types of infographic project page provides an overview of some general approaches that could be used when creating your project: Note: This project is well suited to the “Comparison” approach.

Alternative Creative Project: In lieu of an infographic, it is acceptable to provide a creative textual representation of your understanding of the concepts (i.e. a poem, short story, a personal example, description of connections between concepts, etc.) If you choose this approach, please be sure to include the textual representation in addition to your 200-word summary. All text submissions must be in .doc or .rtf format.

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