Replies for peers. Need ONE Response Per Each Discussion Total 2 Responses. Attached Are The Discussions And Rubric Please Follow Them. Posts Will Be A Min

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Replies for peers. Need ONE Response Per Each Discussion Total 2 Responses. Attached Are The Discussions And Rubric Please Follow Them. Posts Will Be A Minimum Of 100 Words, APA Format.One Reference Per Each Discussion Lisgreily Marin

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Top of Form

Presentation of Research Findings

           The research outcome is not always seriously unless efforts are put in place to motivate people to do so. Consequently, there should be diligent planning and reasoning, identification of target audience, and proper presentation of the research findings (Conley, 2020).


The motive of the research was on challenges of cancer care, coordination, and standardization, which mostly affect cancer patients. Nurses are in a position to maintain continuity of care to cancer patients because they are close to them. They can also identify any continuity problems and solve them, Continuity of care is very important hence, nurses should come up with ways to maintain it even if there is transitioning. In addition, there should be healthcare education to address challenges in transitioning (Fruet et al., 2019). Lastly, master’s nurses should continuously guide graduate nurses, patients, and their caregivers on how to care for cancer patients (American Association of Colleges of Nursing [AACN], 2011).

Presentation of research results

           Presentation of results involves presenting the concept used in addressing the transitional nursing issues during the research. Secondly, explaining how the results enlighten the concepts and other important topics related to the study. Finally, state the research problem and the literature behind it as well as, slowly, lead the audience to interpret the inferences made from the results (Vazquezl et al., 2021).

           The main purpose of publications is to create a public record of the original contribution which will provide credit to the author along with, being easily accessed by nurses for studies (Conley, 2020). In addition, the records can be used by other researchers as a literature review to do further study on transitional nursing on cancer patients.


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Bottom of Form

Week 13: Discussion Post

Student Name: Mayra Oliva Rivero

 Disseminating the Research Findings and Publication of Research

What are some suggestions that you would like to share regarding disseminating your research findings?                                               

           Some suggestions regarding disseminating my research findings, include method, audience, timing, purpose, and message. Dissemination should have a goal and aid or educate project development in a certain way. The activity’s goal should be to promote, inform, engage, and increase awareness. The first stage in deciding on the message, audience, method, and time of dissemination should be to determine the goal of dissemination. The distribution approach should be determined by who the researchers want to reach and what they can contribute to the project. Consequently, the various persons, groups, and organizations interested in the project and its outcomes must be recognized and informed. Once the aim and audience of the distribution are established, the main messages should be defined.

           Messages should be straightforward, clear, and simple to comprehend. Use language acceptable for the intended audience, and avoid technical jargon if feasible (Tappen, 2016). Although several dissemination methods are available, it is critical to choose the best ones to deliver the message to the intended audience and reach the objective. One should decide when different dissemination initiatives would be most important when planning the dissemination. The appropriate date will be determined by the project’s development and the agenda of the intended audience. Like all other aspects of a project, dissemination initiatives should be met with varying degrees of success (Turale, 2011). To evaluate if a dissemination strategy was properly designed and performed, researchers should incorporate an evaluation component into dissemination efforts to see if their goals were met.


How would you present them for presentation or defense? 

           I would present them for defense using poster presentations. Poster Presentations enable one to engage with and communicate evidence while also ensuring that the material is arranged for presentation.

Discuss the rationale and responsibilities for publication of your research.

           The rationale and responsibilities for research publishing are to communicate to the research community and enable individuals unfamiliar with the field to appreciate the significance of the findings (Oermann & Hays, 2015). It also serves as a forum for highlighting outstanding issues and potential suggestions for further studies.



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