Response Discussion 1. Yirlem Whistleblowing is a widely discussed issue today because people have different perceptions of this behavior. Whistleblowing

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1. Yirlem

Whistleblowing is a widely discussed issue today because people have different perceptions of this behavior. Whistleblowing can help medical personnel improve the quality of healthcare services and avoid multiple failures. Thus, whistleblowing’s primary advantages include healthcare providers’ chance to protect patients, improve quality of care, and satisfy professional expectations, while its disadvantages involve the possibility of job loss and deterioration of relations with colleagues.

A few years ago, my colleague behaved aggressively and mistreated patients. When another healthcare provider saw that situation, she made managers aware of the nurse’s behavior. Employers communicated with the nurse and fined her but provided an additional chance to change her attitude. Although that situation negatively affected the relationships between two healthcare providers, the nurse improved her behavior. The whistleblower had to discuss that issue with the nurse before communicating with managers, though her decision was also effective.

In conclusion, whistleblowing significantly influences healthcare quality and protects patients but can lead to job loss and deterioration of relationships between nursing staff members. Healthcare providers should attempt to solve the existing problems themselves through effective communication and mutual understanding. Nevertheless, whistleblowing can be the only suitable method to overcome current challenges in specific situations.

1. Tatiana:

The most common forms of cheating in the classroom and clinical area include cheating, professional misconduct, bribery, plagiarism, and deception. Cheating occurs when a student copies from another or uses an external source to copy exams. Professional misconduct occurs when one violates the rules or boundaries set by governing body of a profession, such as a nurse who fails to meet the standards of practice.

Bribery may occur when someone gives some money to be employed or be given good grades in school that they do not deserve. Plagiarism involves the act of taking someone else’s work or ideas, such as from a research paper, and making them their own work. Lastly, deception occurs when a student provides wrong information to a lecturer on academic activities, such as giving the wrong fieldwork report.

In case nursing students notice others being involved in any form of cheating, they should report to any faculty member available so that necessary action is taken. When cheating is not reported, students might face the consequences such as being assumed that they were all cheating and their grades being deducted. It is also important that nursing students maintain integrity when in nursing school because what they learn in school equips them with the right knowledge and skills for practice. This means that when they cheat, they might not meet the nursing professional’s standards and not deliver the best services to their patients.

1. Marta

As people get old, their body parts keep on aging too, therefore, developing some normal healthy conditions experienced by the old. The pamphlet talks about a loot into normal conditions developed by aging people. Lipofuscin, an “aging pigment,” is deposited in the heart as part of the normal aging process. The cardiac muscle cells have a minor degeneration (Eliopoulos, 2018). Thickening and stiffening of the heart valves, which govern blood flow, occur throughout the disease. It is pretty typical in elderly adults to have a cardiac murmur due to valve stiffness.

With age, the heart tends to increase slightly, gaining thicker walls and somewhat bigger chambers than before. Individual cardiac muscle cells have grown in size, primarily responsible for the rise in overall size. The hardening of the heart walls that occurs with age leads the left ventricle to fill less efficiently, resulting in heart failure.

During rest, the older heart behaves virtually identically to the younger heart, except that the heart rate the number of times the heart beats in a minute is slightly lower in the older heart (Eliopoulos, 2018). Furthermore, when older individuals exercise, their heart rates do not rise as much as they do when younger ones do.

Because arterioles and arteries become less elastic as individuals get older, they cannot relax as rapidly during the heart’s regular rhythmic pumping action. Therefore, as the heart contracts during systole, blood pressure climbs higher than in younger individuals, often to dangerously high levels above normal. Blood pressure abnormally high during systole and normal during diastole is particularly prevalent in elderly persons. A combination of factors causes it.

Regular physical activity may help mitigate many of the adverse effects of aging on the heart and blood vessels. In addition, cardiovascular and muscular fitness may be maintained with regular exercise throughout one’s lifetime.

1. Marta

Factors That Promote Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwide. Furthermore, it is well recognized that the risk of developing CVD rises with age. Among the risk factors for cardiovascular disease include tobacco use, an unhealthy diet, inactivity, and sedentary behavior, all of which are related to an increased incidence of hypertension, diabetes, and overweight and obesity (Rees et al., 2018). In addition, with age comes a rise in the incidence of various noncommunicable illnesses, which leads to a significant increase in mortality among the elderly and disabled, functional decline, and healthcare.

Even while scientists have long recognized that age-related changes in the heart might result in heart disease, it is becoming more evident that many of these changes are determined as much by one’s way of life as by their age. For example, we have known for years that various lifestyle variables, such as food, exercise, and smoking, are associated with an increased cardiovascular health risk. 

Heart changes occur due to aging, laying the groundwork for heart disease. Thickened and stiffened heart walls make it difficult for the muscle to rest and fill appropriately between beats (Eliopouos, 2018). Because of this, inadequate pumping during times of activity might result in tiredness and exercise intolerance. In addition, it is possible that the left atrium could grow in size, resulting in a disordered heart rhythm emanating from the higher heart chambers, known as atrial fibrillation. 

Rhythm disturbances may occur due to the slowing of the pacemaker cells in the atria. Additionally, when blood flows through the heart, the arteries grow stiffer and have thicker walls, reducing their potential to expand. Also possible is the development of high blood pressure, which increases the risk of developing heart disease and stroke even higher (Rees et al., 2018). Regular exercising and observing a proper lifestyle that avoids taking the risks factors one can avoid suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

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