The Discipline Of Emergency Management- Communications & Policy See attached file PREVENTION AND CONTROL 4 The important role of the media to the emerge

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See attached file


The important role of the media to the emergency management profession grows more apparent with each successive disaster event. In fact, the media has become an important partner, and is now working directly alongside emergency managers to save lives and protect property.

Using Internet news media search engines, find an article that informs the public about an impending disaster and provides preparedness, response, or other relevant information (e.g., information about evacuation areas).

Focus your answer on the United States.

Article Title and source;

· Article URL; and

· The disaster detailed in the article.

· Was this a pre- or post-disaster article?

· What warning or other preparedness/response information was contained?

· Your impression on whether or not the information in this article helped to save lives and/or property (explain your answer).

Now read your classmates’ responses and build upon something they wrote.

Be sure to support your statements with logic and argument, citing any sources referenced.

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