Training Project Instructions Recall the memo you submitted in week 4 for Part I of the Training Project. Create a PowerPoint of no fewer than 10 slides

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Recall the memo you submitted in week 4 for Part I of the Training Project.

Create a PowerPoint of no fewer than 10 slides AND a references slide to address the discrimination issue you detailed in the memo.

The PowerPoint presentation must:

1. Explain the applicable law to the intended audience

2. Provide thorough treatment of the topic(s) selected, including actionable steps the company should take to avoid issues around discrimination

3. Adhere to general standards for good use of PowerPoints. Some useful tips can be found in the following articles:

Optional: Expand on the content on the slides by using either the notes section or using recorded narration (if you’ve never used this awesome feature in PowerPoint, you can learn more about it here




Human Resources Manager at Fly Eagles Fly, Inc

Michelle Rodriguez

American Public University System


January 30, 2022

Human Resources Manager at Fly Eagles Fly, Inc


TO: The CEO, Fly Eagles Fly, Inc.,

FROM: Human Resources Manager, Fly Eagles Fly, Inc.,

DATE: January 30, 2022

SUBJECT: A Concern About Ongoing Racial-Based Discrimination At Workplace

Under the laws enforced by EEOC, I have a legal responsibility to protect workers from any harassment or discrimination relating to color or race. I am compelled to express concern about racial discrimination in the company which targets black American employees. I am concerned about the recent incident with Floyd Matthew, whose job contract was terminated because of his black color.

I recommend an anti-racism (diversity) training session for all workers, including senior employees (low, middle, and top-level managers). The training will be conducted in response to a violation of The Equality Act 2010 and will occur after every three months a year. The HR Office will formulate and implement a policy that makes it mandatory for every employee to undertake these one-year training sessions.

The three training courses to offer are racial equity, diversity, and inclusion. The sessions of the courses will be provided virtually in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The training will incorporate positive and proactive content into all sessions, maximize engagement, and give the trainees a meaningful role in creating an inclusive culture. Also, the sessions will identify and help trainees (employees) learn about the experience of racial discrimination.

The anticipated cost that the diversity department will spend is 15,000 for the whole year. This cost includes the training delivery materials (projector, laptops, and Internet), labor, online simulation expenses, and training allowances. Each session will take 3 hours. However, this time depends on the type of content being delivered and Internet connectivity speed. However, the company will enhance its diverse culture and improve productivity while employees will understand how racial biases influence their workplace behavior.

I am confident that the training will change the situation and enhance our reputation.

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