Week 5: Writer’s Portrait Draft #1 + Peer Response Discussion Week 5: Writer’s Portrait Draft #1 + Peer Response DiscussionDescription1200 words minimum3 s

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  Week 5: Writer’s Portrait Draft #1 + Peer Response DiscussionDescription1200 words minimum3 sources minimum Now that you’ve submitted your Writer’s Portrait proposal, received peer feedback, and completed your meta-analysis annotations, you are now ready to begin drafting this es.say! You will attach (1) a full draft of the Writer’s Portrait to this discussion board for your peers to review and provide feedback. Please adhere to the following directions: Compose an es.say using what you discovered during your meta-analysis as the argument, which should address the question Who am I as a writer? The es.say should use cited evidence from the three texts to create and support that argument. If you’re not sure how to begin drafting after your meta-analysis, consider how evidence from your meta-analysis might help you address the prompts below: please note that you do not have to address all these prompts in your es.say, and if you do use these prompts to help you draft, be sure to reorganize your es.say during the revision process so that the structure fits your particular argument. Consider the following as you draft: 

  • What are the most important observations made during the meta-analysis stage?
  • What types of patterns or themes do you see connecting these three texts? Or what are the rhetorical factors that made these three texts very different?
  • In which of these three rhetorical situations did you feel most comfortable composing? Why do you think that was?
  • Where in these three texts did you see traces of your identity or experiences? Which forces do you think have shaped how you write?
  • Which of your discoveries about yourself will be most important to you as you keep developing as a writer?

Post Requirements

In addition to the attached draft, you need to include a 300 word author’s note in the body of this post that describes where you are in the processes of writing. This post will address your audience (your peer responders and instructor directly). You may address any of the following questions in your author’s note in the body of the discussion post:

  • What are you needing help with at this point in the writing process?
  • What are you most concerned with? 
  • What are you most proud of at this point? 

Peer responses will include attached annotations on your peer’s pa.per as well as a 3-5 minute video response explaining what revision you recommend.

Writer’s Portrait Es..say Guidelines

  • To reach the level of depth expected, the es.say should be no shorter than about 1,200 words. 
  • The es..say and document should use MLA style.
  • Attach your es.say (including the Works Cited section) as a single .doc/.docx to this discussion board 

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