Williams, Jasmine What behavioral issues in adolescence are linked with adult criminal behavior? TERM PAPER INSTRUCTIONS 1 Term Paper Instructions Overvi

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Williams, Jasmine What behavioral issues in adolescence are linked with adult criminal behavior? TERM PAPER INSTRUCTIONS 1
Term Paper Instructions


These are the instructions for the 2021-2022 school year, for the required Term Paper. You must complete the term paper to pass the course. Unless you have been in a previous psychology course, this paper will be a unique experience for you. The purposes of the assignment are threefold: First, to teach you APA style; Second, to teach you to use the databases in the online library to locate scientific journal articles; and finally, to help you to write a paper based on scientific research rather than opinion. To accomplish the objectives, you must pay close attention to instructions and to the details of the assignment.
The first thing that you should know is that the paper you will write is not an essay. Essays are ways of expressing opinions, and although you will express your opinion in the last section of the paper, it must be a supported opinion, that is with evidence. The paper is required to pass the course, and it is required that you put forth a good effort on it, and not just wing it, a paper that does not follow the instructions will not be accepted.
The first thing you should do is to locate the library website, you can find it by going to the dallascollege,edu main page, and scrolling to the bottom of the page. Click on the link that says Libraries.
After clicking on the Libraries link, you will be taken to a page that shows a column labeled, Research Tools, the first link after that says, Academic Search Complete, click on it. This takes you into a database where you can search for your terms (you will first need to log in). Once on the search page, click the box for Scholarly articles, enter you search terms, like “Psychology of Cults” and click return. You may need to narrow your search by putting in the dates from 2016 to 2021, you should focus on publications from the last five years. You can then begin to gather data. You will need three to five solid references, they must be from psychology related academic journals, published in the last five years, and must be in the Library Databases. Then to write your paper follow the instructions below for each page.

Page 1

Page one of your paper is the cover page. This page provides your basic assignment information.
At the top of the page in the header area is what is known as the running head. The running head is three or four words from your title, indicating what your paper is about. The running head must be ALL CAPITAL LETTERS as shown on the current page. It should align with the left margin and must fit on one line. It also must be the same font and font size as the rest of the paper, I recommend the Calibri font, and 12 pt. size is required.
Centered six double spaces from the top of the page is the title. It must fit on a single line, be a title that you created, and not the same as the article you are writing about. All significant words should have first letter capitalized. Some examples of an acceptable titles are:
Using Operant Conditioning in Dog Training
The Psychology of Deception
Investigating Alien Intelligence: A Psychology Research Project
Below your title is your name. Your name should be presented as it appears on the Class Role. Below your name should be Dallas College, and below that your course, section, and semester, do not add anything else, for example:

The Psychology of Aliens
Term Paper Submitted by:
Steven Carter
Dallas College
PSYC 2301, Section 42H04
Center your paper from the top of the page, and from the sides, it should be just above the fold if you were to fold the page in half. After you complete the information above you should insert a page break, (page breaks prevent the submission from being uploaded wrong on ecampus) and begin page two.

Page 2

Page two is the page where you will write your abstract. The abstract is a summary of your paper, therefore it will be the last thing you write, as you cannot summarize your paper until you have written it. The abstract is a single paragraph (never more than one) that is not indented (it is the only paragraph in the entire paper that is not indented one half inch. It is block format, and should be between 200 and 250 words, it should not contain a lot of unnecessary information, just a statement of who did the research, the nature of the research, why the research was important and what your conclusions were. Remember, you must cite your sources in the abstract and throughout the paper. A citation is where you give the author(s) credit for the research. If you do not give credit you are plagiarizing which is a violation of scholastic ethics. Scientific writing is very precise, and it is meant to be factual, not opinion unless you offer supporting evidence. The entire paper must be in your own words, no direct quotes. First and second person pronouns cannot be used in this paper (I, me, we, us, our, you, yours, etc.). Use other pronouns sparingly, refer to the authors by name. Be sure to proofread the paper for grammar. There are two types of citations, parenthetical and contextual. A contextual citation refers to the authors in the sentence, like this. Anderson and Bradbury (2020) wrote about how scientists might imagine alien life to behave. A parenthetical citation refers to the authors but is not a part of the sentence but is in parentheses, for example: Many scientists feel that alien life would out of necessity have some form of hands in order to manipulate tools (Anderson & Bradbury, 2020). Note that the period for the sentence is after the parentheses, not before. Authors should be cited by last names only, no first names and no initials.

Page 3 and on.

Beginning on page three you will write the bulk of your actual paper, APA rules apply. Your assignment should not exceed ten (10) pages, and that includes (1) the cover sheet, (2) the Abstract page, (3) introduction, one full page (4) a two to four page literature review, (5) a critical analysis, one full page, and (6) references page(s). The last page of your assignment will be the References page. Allwork in APA Style is double-spaced. Section Headings are flush with the left margin and underlined. Your paper should be aligned with the left margin, not justified and not centered. The references require certain capitalization, content, and formatting details, pay close attention to the instructions in the template, but remove the instructions from the template when writing your paper. The template shows appropriate requisite formatting in the correct APA style. Print the template and lay it aside to refer to as you write your paper. Note the three subsections and related headings: Introduction, Literature Review, and Critical Analysis. You must have these sections, and must format them as shown on the template. Important note: No first or second person pronouns are allowed anywhere in the paper except for first person singular (I or me) in the Critical Analysis section, write in third person. Do not use first person plural or second person anywhere in the paper. The critical analysis should explain how this subject impacts on social responsibilities and community engagement.


On the reference page of the template you will find an example of a correct reference, remove this and put in the correct reference from the assigned article, be sure to cite the authors frequently. Write in active language, use names rather than pronouns, instead of writing, “They,” or “The authors,” said, write “Verigin, Meijer, Bogaard, and Vrij (2019) said…”
Refer to authors by last name only, no first names, no titles, no degrees, last names only. No direct quotes, everything should be in your own words, and no use of first or second person pronouns. For the rest of the specific instructions see the template.
Your reference page should have the word References centered at the top of the page, and the formatting of individual references should be as follows:
Verigin, B. L., Meijer, E. H., Bogaard, G., & Vrij, A. (2019). Lie prevalence, lie characteristics and strategies of self-reported good liars. Plos One, 14(12), 1–16. https://doi-org.dcccd.idm.oclc.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0225566

Note in the above everything must be in this order, last name and initials of authors, year of publication, name of article in sentence style capitalization, name of journal with significant words capitalized, volume number(issue number), page numbers, doi.
You can get the information from the library website when you locate an article, and click on it, you will see a list of icons on the right, as you hover your mouse over it, one of them will say Cite, click there, then scroll in the results until you see, APA style. Copy it and paste it into your paper, make sure it matches your formatting though.

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