WK 10 Assgn SOCW 6090 Final Project (CASE OF BOB) The sign of an effective clinician is the ability to identify the criteria that distinguish the diagnosis

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Final Project (CASE OF BOB)

The sign of an effective clinician is the ability to identify the criteria that distinguish the diagnosis from any other possibility (otherwise known as a differential diagnosis). An ambiguous clinical diagnosis can lead to a faulty course of treatment and hurt the client more than it helps. Using the DSM-5 and all of the skills you have acquired to date, you assess a client.

This is a culmination of learning from all the weeks covered so far.

To prepare: Use a differential diagnosis process and analysis of the Mental Status E in the case provided by your instructor to determine if the case meets the criteria for a clinical diagnosis. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RdmG739KFF8 

By Day 7

Submit a 4- to 5 pgs in which you: (PLEASE ANSWER EVERY BULLET POINT)

  • Provide the full DSM-5 diagnosis. Remember, a full diagnosis should include the name of the disorder, ICD-10-CM code, specifiers, severity, and the Z codes (other conditions that may need clinical attention).
  • Explain the full diagnosis, matching the symptoms of the case to the criteria for any diagnoses used.
  • Identify 2–3 of the close differentials that you considered for the case and have ruled out. Concisely explain why these conditions were considered but eliminated.
  • Identify the assessments you recommend to validate treatment. Explain the rationale behind choosing the assessment instruments to support, clarify, or track treatment progress for the diagnosis.
  • Explain your recommendations for initial resources and treatment. Use scholarly resources to support your evidence-based treatment recommendations.
  • Explain how you took cultural factors and diversity into account when making the assessment and recommending interventions.
  • Identify client strengths, and explain how you would utilize strengths throughout treatment.
  • Identify specific knowledge or skills you would need to obtain to effectively treat this client, and provide a plan on how you will do so.



INTAKE DATE: November 2021


This is a voluntary intake for this 24 year old Jamaican male. Bob has had several psychiatric hospitalizations in the past. Bob has been married for 5 years. His wife, Rayona was born and raised in the United States. He has one son 5 years old and one daughter, 3 years old. Bob has had difficulty in jobs and has not been at any job longer than one year. Bob immigrated to the United States with his parents when he was 6 years old.


“My wife is complaining about my behavior. I do not see what the issue is”.


Bob reports first seeking psychiatric treatment when he was sixteen years old. He was prescribed anti-depressants, but does not remember what kind. Since they helped his mood he remained on anti-depressants for four years. At twenty years old he attempted suicide after his wife threatened to leave him. He was hospitalized in a psychiatric unit for thirty days. At that time Bob was put on Depakote, with continued success for three years. He stopped taking the Depakote 1 years ago.

In September 2021 Bob returned to his psychiatrist because he was becoming depressed again, feeling sad, fearful and suicidal. He was given Trintellex. During the next few weeks Bob felt on top of the world. He then would have angry outbursts. His wife asked him to leave the home. He then took an overdose of Klonopin.

More recently Rayona was getting concerned about their financial state because Bob would constantly be buying big items that they could not afford. They would have arguments about this all the time. Bob was rarely sleeping because he was up shopping at night on the Internet. This had no effect on his ability to work.


At twenty one Bob began drinking. His use of alcohol continued increasingly until about 6 months ago. He reports never planning on drinking as much as he did but once he started he was compelled to drink until he passed out. He stopped drinking after attending outpatient treatment for 16 weeks. He began drinking in September 2021 again, Bob indicates, to cope with the marital difficulties.


Bob reports growing up as uneventful. His mother separated from his father on several occasions. His mother made all the decisions and his father played a more passive role.

Bob is the only child from his parents’ union. He has an older brother from his mother’s previous marriage. Bob does not have any contact with his brother. Bob was initially considered an underachiever in the early years of school. He had trouble being in fights with other kids because they used to make fun of his wrinkled clothes.

Bob has no legal history. He worked in the family business through high school and college. He became a project coordinator at his next job. He stayed there six months years.


Bob states he had the usual childhood vaccinations and no major illnesses as a child. He currently is physically fit and healthy.


Bob reports that he is happy in his marriage and does not know why his wife has so much trouble with him. He believes his wife has become more distant from him over the past several years which he doesn’t like. Their fighting has increased. Bob reports his wife is frustrated with his lack of energy and fatigue which has, recently, been impacting their social life and activities with the children.


Bob presents as a neatly dressed male who appears younger than his stated age. Facial expressions are appropriate to thought content. Motor activity is appropriate. Thoughts are logical and organized. There is no evidence of hallucinations or delusions. Bob admits to a history of suicidal ideation, gestures and attempts. His mood is depressed. During the interview Bob talked fast. Bob is oriented to time, place and person. His intelligence appears above average.

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