Writing Assistance Need writing assistance. Instructions need to be followed specifically and they are attached below MNGT 3300 ORGANIZATIONAL THEORY and B

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Need writing assistance. Instructions need to be followed specifically and they are attached below


Dr. Korovyakovskaya

Assignment 3, Essay 2 – Motivation

Ch. 7, Motivation Concepts

Analysis of real-world issues is a critical part of this class and effective writing is essential for success in the business world. During the semester you will be asked to write essays on real world issues that are relevant to the material covered in class.

Please read chapter Ch. 7, Motivation Concepts, prior to writing this essay. Read the Scenario, the Essay Writing Rules, and use the Writing Assessment Rubric attached to this assignment in D2L, DropBox to guide you in your writing.

Imagine you are a looking for a new job. You are a recent college graduate with a lifelong love of literature, animals, and sports. You have never had much interest in sales, math, or science.

You have received three job offers. One is as a part-time local sports writer for a small newspaper with low pay and no benefits, one is as a full-time sales representative for a decorative fixtures distributor with high pay and excellent benefits, and one as a full-time clerical assistant for a correspondence college with moderate pay and average benefits.

What To Do:
In your Essay, discuss which job you would choose and describe the motivation theories that best support the reasons for your decision. Discuss at least
motivation theories in your response.

Essay Writing Rules


Students must follow the rules and the writing criteria as specified in the Writing Assessment Rubric in DropBox so that they can get the best possible grade. Students will not be offered a second chance to resubmit their written assignment, so please try to do it right the first time.

1. Each piece of work should contain the title of the paper assignment, the student’s name, the date, and the name of the course.

2. It should be
, font size 12, and Times New Roman.

3. Each submission should be
1-2 pages long
. There are no maximum page limits.

4. Please do not use the bullet format for your written work.

5. Please do not use bold font style or any font colors for your answers other than black.

6. Use Left Alignment. Do not justify.

7. Sources/references used should be cited in APA format. Please cite your sources in order to give credit to the original author and to avoid plagiarism.

8. Avoid the use of contractions (i.e., use cannot instead of can’t; cannot is one word).

9. Avoid the use of slang words and/or phrases.

10. Please check the spelling of your work prior to submitting it to me.

11. Once an assignment submitted, a student loses points for errors if he/she has errors: punctuation, grammar, incomplete sentences, etc.

12. If you have any questions, please ask me before the assignment is due.

: You are strongly encouraged to use the Savannah State University Writing Center to help prevent committing writing mistakes. In grading your written submissions, a point will be deducted for every flaw/writing error committed. Always review the Criteria for Written Assignments and pay special attention to:

1. Subject/Verb Agreement

2. Grammatical Errors

4. Poor Sentence Structure

5. Spelling Errors (more than a couple typos)

6. Informal or Inappropriate Language

7. No Conclusion

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